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6 Perk Of Offset Lithography

Lithographs are a kind of printing used in both fine prints and commercial printing. This concept of printing was unearthed by Alois Senefelder in the year, 1796. The image to be embedded was gripped on the stone by using a special ink. But before that, the stone was moistened up, so that the non-image regions of the stone surface don’t soak the ink. Nowadays, offset printing has become very popular and is a leading lithographic technology.  In this indirect lithographic technology, the ink is first transferred from the plate into a midpoint carrier (the blanket), and after that onto the substrate. Read till the end to check out the top six advantages of Litho printing:

1. Quick Process

A Lithographic printing machine is capable of printing approx 50,000 sheets per hour. Furthermore, some sheetfed presses can print simultaneously on both side of the paper therefore decreases printing times.  

2. Versatile

Lithographic printers are equipped to print sheets of any length. For short and medium printing such as coupons, art reproduction, greeting cards, posters, and direct mail inserts slower, precise sheet-fed lithographic machines are employed. On the other hand, for long-run printing like newspaper, magazines, books, flyers, and catalogues- high speed, and more efficient presses are used.

3. Cheap

Lithographic printing is a perfect low-cost alternative to copperplate engraving. This practice of printing only calls for an initial investment for set-up, and requires little maintenance. Though, cost effective, offset lithography technology isn’t the best option for small projects. The unit cost of each page goes down with rising in the number of outputs, making this technique the cheapest and the cost effective bet for commercial printing.

4. No Impressions

Gravure and letterpress techniques of printing characteristically leave an impression- line on the page, indented text, or rings of ink. For commercial projects, leaving finishing marks on the output piece is always seen as sign of authenticity. Probably, no company wants their customers’ gets distracted from the content of the print due to the impression. In addition to that, impressions make stacks of prints thicker, which may hamper easy transportation, and increase storage costs.  The best part with offset lithography printing is that it makes images lack these artifacts.

5. Clarity

Lithography printing produces sharp, smooth, and clear images and text on an assortment of materials. In the case of traditional offset lithography the, part of the press that presses against the printing surface is made of a soft rubber which works on any paper surface or material, unlike another system which employs inflexible metal plates for printing. While, modern day printing, use a computer to plate system, which further improves the sharpness and the clarity of the image.

6. High definition results

Offset printers have the capability to produce high definition results by separating the color in the print and creating plates for each black, cyan, yellow, and magenta.  The resulting outputs are flawless and of extremely high definition images.

To wrap up, to avail the perks of lithography printing for your business, to you need to come across the best offset lithography Printer Company in the town!

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