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Growing Importance of Content Marketing

Unlike commercial advertisement which is a one way street where the business promotes their product or service giving out only self-serving information, content marketing is a two way relationship between a business and the customers or potential customers. There is no unabashedly pitching your product and services to everyone with half-baked information. In this strategy you educate your customer with valuable and relevant information and let them resolve their issue.  With the advent of internet, traditional marketing strategies are becoming obsolete and content marketing is becoming more and more important to reach out to the target customer. You can read this post here to get a better understanding of how content marketing works and how to get started. In this article, we will discuss why your marketing strategy is incomplete without content marketing.

Authoritative figure for a product.

Consistent delivery of quality content gives you the authority on the product itself. People look up to your posts for worthy information, advice and solution regarding a particular product. Your brand becomes synonymous to the product itself. If a customer trusts you, they will depend on you to make purchasing decisions on.

Customer loyalty

Building trust is an important factor in content marketing. A good content will give unbiased and free information to their customer without trying to push and sell their product or services. When a customer follows you and you provide them with useful information to meet their needs on a regular basis, they will often check in and they will tend to be loyal to you when it is time to purchase. 

Useful customer feedback

A successful marketing focuses on the interest of the customer and not their own businesses. Any post made on social media encourages feedback from the customer and is thus a two way street. You can understand your customers better through this and create content that engages them and genuinely assist them. You can read this post here for tips on how to be successful at content marketing.

More exposure due to seo

A genuinely useful content will not only be appreciated by the customers, it will also be rewarded by search engines. Keeping true to the context and publishing meaningful and useful content that connects to your product gets recognized by search engine and is ranked highly by them. As we are aware search engine optimisation will help you get more and more visibility and exposure and attract more attention from potential customers. 

Value add service

A useful article can add value to the product or service provided by your business. For example a detailed article on your website about how to maintain a particular product can act as an after sale service to the customer. Or factors to consider while choosing a product can act as a pre-sale advice. It can act as a value add even by entertaining the customer through short films or videos or even a feel good picture. This increases the recall value of your brand and makes it a routine for a customer to go back your website. 

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