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Is Big Data for Science Necessary

“Bid data” has become a buzzword off late and everyone is trying to incorporate the idea in his or her areas of specialty. From biomics, genomics, financial networks, NSA’s database to ecological networks, the word is now almost mentioned everywhere. Now, the question here is, is big data for science really something to focus on? The answer is certainly a big yes! In fact, it is becoming almost impossible to separate big data from science. Just recently, The White House Big Data Research and Development Initiative pointed out the need for data science in biomedicine, computers, the military, and the environment among others.
History at glance

In the past years, researchers were very specific with the tools they used to carry on with their work. They were also specific to their field of interest. Like for instance the telescope and microscope were two separate tools not related in any way. However, as of today, both the telescopes and microscope’s compiled data can easily be traced from the same computer even though for different purposes. Big data is about having the required data or info for analysis, research and decision-making.

When did scientists begin to use data?

All along, scientists have been actively using data. In fact, in the past there were certain fields that heavily relied on big data sets.Such included researches on nuclear fusion and high-energy particle physics. What seems to be new as of the current age is the scale of the data. The information available today is overwhelming that it is somewhat becoming a challenge to infrastructure capacity.

Big data initiative

According to the White House, there is a great need to create and improve tools for scientific research. This can happen by making sense of the huge data now readily available. The existing technologies ought to improve to allow insight on large sets of digital data. One of the major themes of big data initiative is to transform or scale the researcher’s ability for scientific discovery, national security, and education, biomedical and environmental research. And this is easily achievable by analyzing data to create predictions necessary for conducting research. 

The importance of Grants and research programs

These focus on improving the major available technologies for processing and managing big data sets.Encouraging educational institutions to train more data engineers and scientists and speeding up scientific research. There is a lot to be brought to books and that is why big data for science is now becoming a great deal to focus on. Ideally, the available information in various disciplines should fasten researches and make easy the process that in the past appeared unmanageable. 

The big data technology has spread faster and now it has moved from the focus on specific scientific disciplines to into the infrastructure of private firms and large enterprises. Companies are employing big data engineers to help them monitor and manage risks in the areas they want to invest or have already invested. 

In fact, climate science researchers also rely on big data for science to predict the weather.

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