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Treating Anemia using Anabolic Steroids

Anemia or anaemia is one of the common disease caused by the people all over the world which caused due to the lack of haemoglobin or red blood cells (RBC) level in the blood. The red blood cells are most essential thing to carry the oxygen to entire cell of the body. So if the RBC are reduced means which affects each and every cells of the organ and this condition are called as anemia. The disease anemia directly affects the human organs due to the lack of oxygen. Generally the anemia are caused due to varies types which are classified into three different groups such as blood loss, destruction of RBC, decreases RBC production in the body. The Stanozolol is one of the anabolic steroid which is originally prescribed for treating anemia. The Stanozolol steroid is generally derived from dihydrotestosterone and which commonly sold under the term of winstrol and winstrol depot. In that winstrol is the oral supplement and the winstrol depot is intramuscular supplement to treating anemia.

            If the winstrol tablet are ingested which possibly survive the digestive activities of aliver and this is the basic reason for selling the winstrol as oral steroid supplement.
Basically steroids are mostly used for three purposes such as,

  • To develop the body strength and mass,
  • To improve leaner and harder physique and 
  • To increase the athletic performances.
The winstrol is generally used for cutting cycles to build a body by body builders. Normally, this steroid are consumed as in proper cycles to develop the physique. The winstrol provide more energy to the consumer which induce to active more and being stronger than normal person.While consuming Stanozolol leads to increase the production of red blood cells (RBC).So obviously it’s provide the good treatment for anemia patients.So for that, winstrol are originally prescribed for treating anemia. If one use winstrol for certain periods of cycles leads to improve their red blood cell production, increase bone density, and also strengthening the muscles and so on. This is the perfect drug for both the men and women who want to develop their physique. The Stanozolol provide better results for one who consumed as oral form.Winstrol also have more affinity for binding with SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin).This steroid is most powerful drug to improve the haemoglobin level in the blood which neglect the anemia.

Side Effects of consuming Stanozolol

            One who takes over dosage of anabolic steroids like stanozolol leads to adverse effects. The main effects of over dosage of this steroid leads to liver problem, vomiting sensation and nausea. People may also suffers various problem of consuming more stanozolol such as skin colour changes, sleeping problem, ankle swelling. The following points are the most side effects caused by the people who consumes more dosage of winstrol.
Ø  Headache
Ø  Difficult in sleeping
Ø  Breathing problems
Ø  Induced allergic reactions
Ø  Cardiovascular problems and lot more.
These are the common side effects of consuming more dosage of winstrol.

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