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Managing Livestock for Cattle with Ingenious Methods

Arming is getting new technological tools every year to aid the farmers to take care of their farmlands and farm cattle. Whether a farmer just has crop lands or whether he has cattle to graze and give him dairy or other such related farm products, a farmer has to take care. He can rely on a host of such tools to help him and yet he has to ensure that the technology and science do not damage the future of the animals or farmlands in the long run. 

It is true that many of the inventions like tractors, solar powered mills, or even the invention of other such power source has helped the farmers a great deal to remain self-sufficient. Sustainability is one thing that every farmer would aim for and this is where to a great extent technology has helped. However, a few farm and cattle owners have found that due to excessive livestock grazing farmlands have become barren. 

Geoffrey Morell is one such farm owner of PA Bowne Farmstead, who has come to do some unique method of managing livestock grazing. It is easy to manage livestock pasture provided one takes effort or learns about the process well. There are several livestock management and pasture management methods, which help the farmer to protect the lands from becoming deserts or barren.
One such effective method is rotational grazing that has proven effects and this also is one of the ways where the cattle get to feed from one paddock or plot at a time. Such a process is very easy to follow and it shall help the livestock in a major way along with the farm’s own lifespan. It can continue to offer rich fodder to the livestock for a longer time without the farmer to look for other alternatives. 

Geoffrey Morell is also working for the benefit of the farmland and usually he does the movement of the livestock between pastures once a week or even once a month. This kind of movement is what the farm manager or owner does which benefits the lactating cattle well. 

This kind of controlled grazing is beneficial in helping the farmer or the shepherd to understand the kind of nutrition that his herd needs. He would be able to understand his country or his region’s climatic conditions and water availability and provide the cattle with the right kind of fodder they need as per that. 

The benefits of cautious and controlled grazing are immense not just to the farmer but to the environment as a whole. There are many lands, which are turning barren in recent times, due to over cultivation or due to deforestation as it is. Due to deforestation and then turning farmlands or lands for pasture in to deserts, it becomes difficult to get the animals to eat healthy food. This is why it is even more of a responsibility of every individual farmer. 

This kind of farming and managing livestock pasture is something that is the need of the hour for continued farming.

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