Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cannabis Collections: What You Need to Know

If you’re in the cannabis business and want to make sure your inventory is protected so that your company can continue to thrive, it may be time to consider getting a cannabis collection service on your side.

A collection service that is run by established attorneys who are particularly skilled in recovering debt for clients is ideal. A collection service that has been in business for years and specializes in cannabis sales and retail will have the tailored industry knowledge that you need to get the payments you deserve in an efficient and timely manner. It’s also best to work with attorneys that will only charge fees only after it has been confirmed that all funds have cleared the bank.

Collections can be an intimidating business, and most people try to avoid collection agencies at all costs. If you find yourself in need of a cannabis collections lawyer, choosing an attorney who will handle the situation in a professional and efficient manner at a reasonable cost is definitely a plus. The agency should also have a reliable network of attorneys so you can get the assistance you need no matter where you live. All of the attorneys in the network for the cannabis collection agency you utilize should be properly licensed and bonded by national law requirements. It’s best to choose lawyers that are all Commercial Law League of America members.

As an established business owner, you know that cannabis retail is booming, which means that collections in the cannabis industry has become a serious issue that should be dealt with properly. If your sale policies are clear to customers, you can help to boost sales for your business and improve your reputation in your industry. You’ve likely seen several businesses like yours go under because business owners were not aware of all the rules and regulations that need to be in order to ensure that the company runs smoothly.

When it comes to collections, you have to determine the current standing and status of your claim. You should go through the filing process right away, so that your attorneys can get in touch with the debtor and reach a settlement as soon as possible. There are a few contact methods you can take advantage of to ensure that the debtor is aware of the debt and to provide him/her with options for repayment. If the debtor is not responding, you should have a clear plan in place so that you’ll receive the money that is owed to you, even if you have to take more extensive legal measures.

The right cannabis collections method can also help you to mitigate risks. If there are proper credit checks for customers who want to purchase from you and you have professional A/R procedures in effect, you can prevent some of the challenges that come with collection your funds. Consulting with the attorneys who represent your business on a regular basis will keep you aware of the necessary steps you should take to protect your inventory and improve the overall function of your business.

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