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Cost of Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis court resurfacing is the process and application of reactivating an old below standard tennis court into a better and playable sporting court. The process of resurfacing includes cleaning and checking for high spots, filling cracks, low spots, and also applying the surface of your choosing. Below am going to tell you the average cost of a tennis court resurfacing;


Tennis court resurfacing ranges from $3500 to $7000, which depends on a different variety of factors related to a tennis yard or court. A tennis court resurfacing contractor will have to perform a quick sit visit checking for issues or problems that need to be repaired before or during the court resurfacing process. A common problem or remedy to tennis court resurfacing is the concrete repair or asphalt (low spot or levelling repair, crack repair), drainage issues, and peeling.

Tennis court surfacing should always be resurfaced at most every 5 to 9 years, and also it depends on court usage and maintenance habits. If a functioning tennis court has not been properly maintained or cleaned or hasn’t been resurfaced for a long period, the cost of the resurfacing will be higher. If that is the situation, additional cleaning like moss, fungus, and mould removal will have to be executed. This may add extra time, chemicals, equipment, which means a higher cost.

Tennis court resurfacing has multiple options when crack filling and crack repair is involved. A lower cost of fixing is the acrylic crack fillers, which provides repair and temporary closure of the cracks. Another method is the specialty membrane systems, asphalt, fibreglass reinforcement, or concrete patching which is a higher cost.

Tennis court resurfacing has other factors to consider before resurfacing the tennis court. These are;
·         Color options which include orange or tournament purple.

·    Applying new sports wax or color coats for extra wear, instructing the tennis court resurface contractor to add line mixtures for other games which include (basketball, pickle ball, and kids tennis).

·     Also selecting specific tennis court factory mixture coatings to achieve fast play or certified paces which are (medium, medium slow, fast, medium fast, slow).

·        Creating a cushion layers or adding cushioned court surface.


In conclusion, many courts develop birdbaths, low spots or area that don’t drain properly or sectors that hold water. Birdbath takes expertise, extra time, and thick sheet, which will increase the cost of resurfacing and repairing a tennis court.

I do hope have given you enough insight on the cost of tennis court resurfacing; do not hesitate to share with your friends.

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