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FSSAI releases latest notification regarding the standards of pulses, flour, grains and soy protein

To maintain the quality of the food product, FSSAI consistently work on their food standards thus on 20 June, release a new notification regarding the standards of pulses, degermed Maize flour, Maize Grit, Tempe, Sago Flour, Couscous, Textured Soy Protein, whole and decorticated Pearl Millet Grains. Even, they have requested for valuable ideas, comments and opinions from stakeholders regarding the notification within 60 days from the date of disclosure. 

To provide better quality and balanced food products to the masses, the FSSAI has proposed alteration in the Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011. As per the Fruit & Vegetable Products guideline the usage of Aflatoxin in Raisins and Nuts should be limited but no such records have been found. 

Thus, FSSAI comes up with notification associated to standards of pulses, flour, grains and soy protein Food Safety and Standards. 

As per the FSSAI news, they have issued new standards for Bajra and Jawar, now Jawar will be termed as the dried mature grains of Sorghum Vulgare Pers that must be sweet, firm, clean and healthy. Though other standards remain the same like Aflatoxin has been also mislaid from the list.  

Further, when it comes to pulses, FSSAI suggests the common standards of all pulses like Urd whole, Split Moong Pulse, Split Pulse Arhar, Chana whole, Split Pulse Urad and Split Pulse Masur. Maximum moisture content, 14.0 and pulses without seed coat, 12.0. The seed must be healthy; no serious defects can’t be accepted like if cotyledons have been violated by pests, minor traces of mould, seeds which not developed properly, seedcoat is crumpled, tarnished seeds not more than 3% and uric acid not more than 100mg per kg. 

Further, usage of food additives is common but as per common guideline for pulses no sort of food additive shall be permitted. Even, standards for whole and decorticated Pearl Millet Grains have been separated. 

Whole grains – natural, and free from any kind of mechanical treatment.

Decorticated grains–20 to 22% of external part of whole grains have been removed via using suitable mechanical treatments, comprising abrasion. 

Further, standard for Corn Flakes remain the same but yes get some new additions. This product obtained from deshelled, degermed and cook corn by shedding, somewhat drying and roasting. Crisp flakes must be in a constant size and golden brown in color. Plus, flakes must be free from dust, pests, larvae and all sort of contaminations.

For better delivery of food, FSSAI has also framed guidelines for Degermed Maize and Flour and Maize Grits. Like, Degermed maize grits should prepared from fully developed, washed, insect free kernels of maize via following a standard grinding procedure. Even, the fineness should be perfect, bran and germ must be totally removed. 

FSSAI accepted the presence of food additives, contaminants, toxins and residues but must be in a specific proportion. To know about the exact proportion, follow Food Safety and Standards. Besides, food hygiene is another great aspect as it affects the health of masses, products must be prepared and managed as per the guidelines mentioned in the Schedule 4 of Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011 (Licensing & registration of Food businesses). 

So, as per the FSSAI news, nowadays their prime focus is to enhance the standard of food quality and brighten up the living standard of human.

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