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Possible side effects of Dianabol

It is sure that for bodybuilders to woo their girls in short time requires one or the other steroid, but the main thing they must be aware of is, whether steroid gives maximum results with minimum side effects or not. For maximum results and for minimum side effects, one of the best steroids surely would be Dianabol also known as Dbol or Danabol. It is one of the most powerful steroids used by bodybuilders that could be taken for bulking. After using Dianabol for extended periods, you must allow your body to take rest i.e. to stay off from Dianabol for at least a week and half after each cycle in order to prevent your body from getting used to it and also to give your muscles time to recover after working them hard and to prepare your next training phase.

Dianabol gives best results by using it in a scheduled manner and if you have never taken dianabol before, you will be surely surprised by seeing its results in the form of muscle/strength you will gain. In fact, no other steroids that are available in present market other than anadrol come even close to dianabol results in terms of packing on size fast. If you are a new user of steroids, it is generally recommended to take testosterone or else dianabol in the form of tablets rather than injectable form during your first cycle. If your motto is to build muscle and to have a perfect body, then both Dianabol and testosterone makes you to achieve your goal without worry because both of these compounds doesn’t lead to any harsh side effects on your body, whereas other substances such as anadrol and trenbolone can be overly harsh on your body.

Using Dianabol for long periods may result in severe problems because it is toxic to the liver. So after using Dianabol for extended periods it is better to take off from Dianabol for some days. Dianabol being a powerful steroid, you will start noticing positive results after the first week of using Dianabol itself. Most beginner users of Dianabol report spectacular and maximum gains after the first few weeks, but even then there is a statement from many that these muscles are mainly due to the results of water retention. Even as per researches, it is said that real results by Dianabol will come a bit later. At this time, Dianabol makes it possible to pack nearly as much as 20 pounds to 30 pounds of muscle over a relatively short period that is just in 4 to 8 weeks. The muscle mass that is developed under Dianabol is the wet muscle which means it is bulky and spectacular. Generally steroids are available only in a liquid or in injectable form in the past. Dianabol is the first steroid that was made to show that steroids can be administered orally also. As anything ingested passes through the intestines and gets decomposed in the liver, Dianabol if taken for too long a time may lead to severe side effects of the liver.

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