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The Branches of Psychology and the Diversity It Provides

Having a good grip of what psychology is all about is crucial for anybody wanting to discover the topic in greater depth. Now this may resonance like an actuality obvious thing to state but psychology is one of those provisos that are often banded around without any real contemplation as to its definite meaning. According to Wayne Imber, it is essentially a grave point though because there is evidently a great deal of confusion surrounding psychology. Indeed, there are psychologies students coming towards the end of their grade who has admitted that they are still not 100% convinced what psychology is!
To help comprehend the uncertainty surrounding psychology, one should start by taking a look at a couple of explanations. Psychology is the scientific study of people, the behavior and mind. It is both a vital professional practice and a flourishing academic discipline (The British Psychological Society), and the scientific study of the behavior of people and their psychological processes (American Psychological Association).

Medical psychologists like Wayne Imber provide patients with techniques to deal with problems such as anxiety, stress, and other mental problems. Medical psychology differs from forensic psychology in that forensic psychology provides mental assessments in legitimate situations, whereas clinical psychology is the treatment and diagnosing of psychological dysfunction. A forensic psychologist has liabilities bound to the criminal justice system and needs to act consequently. On the other hand, a medical psychologist is not helping the lawful system but has the duty to help the patient. You need to have an accredited graduate degree from a university to become a practitioner of either form of psychology. A medical psychologist will either work to obtain a PsyD or a Ph.D. A Ph.D. is more towards the side of research, whereas a PsyD is more focused on towards the treatment of patients.

The ordinary theme across these definitions is that psychology is essentially concerned with understanding Behavior.

So what is The Problem?

It is essentially, a lack of unity. Within psychology there are numerous and often competing levels of elucidation when it comes to understanding behavior. When you begin studying psychology you quickly realize what a distinct topic area it is, and at times it can almost be overpowering.

Keep it simple predominantly when you are starting out. Just keep hold of the concept that psychology is fundamentally about behavior. You cannot be expected to know all the diverse ways there are to explain behavior straight away; but as you are introduced to more and more you will find that you will soon be able to place a behavioral clarification within an apt psychological framework.

Not to be confused with Psychiatry

A very ordinary misconception about psychology is that it is comparable, if not identical with psychiatry. It is not. Psychiatry is a divergent medical specialism (all psychiatrists have a medical degree) that is essentially concerned with mental disorder. Psychology has a much broader focus and is not inextricably connected to the theory of mental illness.

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