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Types of Marketing and Its Importance Things to Ponder

Marketing is an important aspect of any business, may it be small or big. Without Marketing it is absolutely impossible to achieve the desired target of sales and turnover. It is of paramount importance that every entrepreneur reaches that target and in order to reach that goal, it is equally important to attend these training programs. Dougherty Marketing lead by Brian and Jenny is one such organization where they have provided job opportunities in this unstable financial market since 2001. Their organization has provided guidance and support to those who wanted to increase their business and better financial out come. They have also made sure of stability to many home based businessmen and women. They also provide leadership training sessions that allow every individuals to grow career wise and prosper in their lives.

Types of Marketing

There are different types of marketing techniques you can pursue. Although in this digital and computer age, there have been new kinds of approaches which are getting popularity amongst the entrepreneurs and the business world. In simpler terms promoting is marketing and vice versa. There are many different kinds of ways of doing it too. The traditional ways and the new unconventional ways, both of them can be used in order to promote your product and services. The most common techniques are:

Internet marketing:

Internet market is nothing but online marketing. It covers and deals through, search engine marketing , email marketing, , video marketing etc. Internet marketing can also be compared with Digital marketing. Proper strategizing in online marketing fetches lots of success.

Inbound Marketing:

In this type of marketing the focus remains on the customers in a way where they seek out the company, not the other way around. The stratagem is made in a way where the company does not reach out to the customers doing promo activities. An interest is created and the main focus stays on the customers to seek out the company and its products.

Newsletter Marketing:

This is the genre  of marketing where a firm or an organization talks about itself or does promotion through emails, newsletter or pamphlets. These concerns already have a database of contacts whom they send the newsletters or the emails to announce about the new products or services.

Direct Marketing :

In this kind of marketing the main goal is to do marketing but not through any 3rd Party. This type of marketing solely depends on direct marketing such as mail marketing, telemarketing and direct selling. One very big positive point of direct marketing is that it helps the person who is conducting the market survey helps feel the pulse of the market.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media Marketing is another platform through which a product or service gets a lot of exposure to a lot of people through different kinds of websites. Not only, that, as these are social media, the organization use those platforms to get in touch with their patrons online and in a real time environment.


All these different kinds of marketing techniques, strategy and other tricks of trade are taught in Dougherty Marketing. Total guidance and mentorship is provided to all of the budding entrepreneurs. They also have done their leadership classes in cities like Illinois, New York and Virginia. This is one of the most famous and helpful institution who help in building your confidence and ability to be a better leader.

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