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Google Pixel 2: Technical specifications and build

It seems that a few weeks ago the protectors of source were somewhat generous. The image below was skipped a few hours ago, and the hints on the front display of the Google Pixel 2 slightly contradict what other flagships have done this year (Galaxy S8, upcoming iPhone 8, LG G6).

An image that leaked to the Internet. Perhaps this is Google Pixel 2!

If we enlarge the image, and consider the back side of the device, the material used will not be aluminum. We think that it can be rubber or Kevlar, which will allow you to charge the phone wirelessly and will not scratch even without a silicone cover. The material of the rear case is not similar to metal.

As a result of the rendering, published on July 11 by the company source, Google Pixel 2 XL will be released in all its glory. As long as the image is dark, you can see that Pixel will again have one rear camera. The same source says that the new Pixel smartphones will shrink in size, like HTC U11, and that LG will build the likeness of Pixel 2 XL and will give it a 6-inch AMOLED display with a 2: 1 format.

Design, dimensions, controls

The case is made of metal, and the front panel protects Corning Corilla Glass sixth generation. Unfortunately, the smartphone so to find out how strong the metal and glass, failed.

The device Google Pixel 2 will be sold in three colors: black, white and blue. Of course, I recommend to find blue - very unusual, though, it is more expensive.

On the front panel on the top: a camera for self, sensors for lighting and proximity, the indicator of missed calls (lights up as many as 10 seconds), conversational speaker. The speaker is very loud, it sounds clean, ​​the timbre is pleasant low-frequency with excellent elaborated middle and high frequencies, in general - honor and praise.

At the bottom there is a speakerphone, USB Type-C and a main microphone. By the way, the manufacturer claims that there are three microphones in Pixel 2: the first is in the usual place, the second one is laser focusing (yes, it happens), and the third, frankly, is not known where. The board also has a Qualcomm RF360 antenna signal amplifier.

A slot for one SIM card is located on the left side. On the right - a relief power button and a flat rocker-rocker key. The lock button is very high, so it is inconvenient to use it.

The drawback, perhaps, is only in large dimensions (tall, wide and thick). Among the advantages: no doubt - Android 8 without poor shells, high quality screen matrix (in the sRGB mode will output the color IPS), a fast chipset, and one of the best cameras.

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