Sunday, September 17, 2017

5 Male Testosterone Cycles For INSANE Muscle Building Results

Testosterone is a most important male sex hormone. This hormone is important for sexual and reproductive development. It helps in muscle development and make the bones healthy, regulates libido. When compared to male women produce low testosterone.

In men if the testosterone levels are low they experience symptoms like tiredness, disturbance in sleep, low sexual desire(libido), weight gain, depression, poor concentration.To treat these symptoms men are using this testosterone boosters. By using the testosterone booster supplements you can increase the level of testosterone.  For beginners who are using this steroid cycles to bulk up lowers the level of natural testosterone.

Male Testosterone cycles for muscle building

Stacking is used to boost your muscle mass and increase your physique. Male testosterone cycles are used for building the muscles and cutting fat more effectively.

Testosterone stacks

Adding trenbolone to testosterone and dianabol stack gives the good results in a short period. This cycle usually last for 8 weeks and can gain 20lbs of fat free mass by using this cycle. Use this with moderate dosage if you increase your level of dosage then you want to face serious side effects with this cycle.

Stacking with dianabol can leads to side affects you should minimize this. Low T levels leads to negative side effects mainly for men. For body builders who are using this dianabol stack cycle should focus on liver by taking some liver protectant supplements. Dianabol stacks inhibits the natural production of testosterone and also causes liver damage if you use it in higher dosage so be aware of this drug.

By stacking dianabol with testosterone we can maintain higher gains for longer period. When we stacked with the higher dosage of testosterone with dianabol then the dianabol offers decreasing results and sometimes it becomes unnecessary. Dianabol is a hepatoxic if you use this single for a longer period and also causes the liver damage.

So stack the dianabol with testosterone and take a liver protectant supplement to reduce the risk of liver damage and increases the muscle size. If you want to search for performance enhancement supplement steroid cycles to bulk up then stacking with dianabol testosterone is a good choice. This dianabol testosterone cycle commonly called as Dbol test cycle last between 10 to 12 weeks.

Beginner testosterone cycle for men

If you want to use the testosterone and if you are beginner then start with the testosterone only and do not combine with any other steroids or hormones. Taking only the testosterone is one of the important safety measure to evaluate the reactions and side effects. For the beginners and also for the experienced people who are taking this testosterone can opt for long ester types of testosterone. This long esters can stay for a longer span of time. 

Short ester testosterone cycle has very less estrogenic related side effects when compared to long esters. These effects include bloating and male pattern baldness. This short ester stay for a shorter span of time in your system. It is beneficial for the people who are experiencing negative reaction. Take 400-500mg of testosterone cypionate every week.

Intermediate and advanced male testosterone cycles

The beginner testosterone cycle is more effective when compared to intermediate and advanced male testosterone cycles and will still provide good results. If a body builder can tolerate while using for first few weeks then he can opt for intermediate dosing cycle.

For intermediate take 750-1000mg of testosterone cypionate. For advanced take 500mg of testosterone propionate every week.
Male testosterone cycle supress the body’s natural testosterone production. These cycles will help you to return to the normal state.

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