Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hacks to increase the life of your ceiling fan's light

The fan nowadays come with lighting unit. These lighting units unlike the fan do not have a very long life and once these lighting units stop working they are a headache that requires to be dealt with. The changing of the light in the ceiling fan requires a few steps which include the removing of panel of lighting then detaching the unit and changing the light and then reattaching the light panel back to the fan. In short, we can say that if the light is gone then there is a lot of work that needs to be done before one gets it back to working again. Thus, we must concentrate on increasing the life of the bulb or the light.

The best way that can be suggested is that the person going for the light in the fan should choose a fan with the LED lights because the light in LEDs never go out completely it just gets dimmer over time and reaches a point where it no longer excites the vision centres of the eyes. But the thing to keep in mind is that the light before it reaches that point has a very long life and if someone purchases the LED lit fan then he/she is guaranteed free from lighting trouble for at least 4-5 years until and unless unfortunately the wiring develops a fault. 
But if someone has the fan with the normal or traditional lighting system then the ways to protect the fans lights are as follows:
  • The very first reason of the bulb to go out is due to the vibration of the fan. The fan may look very stable to you but it has tremendous vibrations in context to the bulb filament which has become brittle due to constant heating. Due to the operating temperature of the bulb it gets very much heated up and this leads to the brittleness of the filament metal and thus slight vibrational stress may also lead to the failure and breaking of the filament. The reason of failure can be nullified by stabilizing the fan as much as possible. And there are many bulbs which come with reinforced filaments specifically for the ceiling fans. 
  • The second reason of the failure is constant switching off and switching on of the bulb. One has to understand when we switch off and switch on the light bulb then we force the bulb to a temperature of about 5000°F and this leads to the development of the thermal stresses in the metal filament and eventually leads to the failure. To avoid this, we must reduce this constant switching on and off. 
  • One other way of increasing the light bulbs life is to operate the bulb at low power and voltage. This although gives less light as compared to the high voltages but this greatly improves the life of the light bulb. 
  • The last method or hack is to reduce the voltage fluctuations. These are the major reasons of the stresses in the filament of the light bulb and these fluctuations leads to changes in the stress constantly which brings about the failure of the filament more easily. 
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