Monday, October 9, 2017

Tips For Selecting The Right Freight Partner

Choosing the freight forwarder is a key decision every ecommerce company has to make before putting their hands in the competitive world of online business. In an age, where from entertainment, learning, to shopping everything is just a few clicks away, and even on the move using a Smartphone, doing e-commerce business is not easy to what it was a decade ago.

E-space has grown immensely with the dawn of Smartphone, and to float in this stiff competition, your e-commerce portal needs to have it all sorted up, the pricing of products, the range of goods available under each category, and most importantly logistics, right from the time of launch of the website. Before you give green flag full loads to Latvia, do a bit of research when selecting the right freight partner. Here, are few tips to follow in your mission for the best company:

National, International & Technologically Sound Freight Forwarder

With so many freight forwarding agencies doing rounds, you should seek one which offer logistics services nationally and internationally, full loads to Latvia. Your prospective service provider should have a proper booking and parcel tracking web-based system, to ensure the highest level of logistic service and transparency. Timely information is significant to ecommerce success. Online technology makes for safe and efficient distribution model. Most top companies usually have advanced IT arrangement, which allows making a request for parcel cancellation through a web-based portal. Additionally, so you also see the stock remained in your warehouse, what and where the parcels are are in transit, etc.


Is the pricing transparent? Is your forwarded company has any hidden surcharges? And, most importantly, for how much time your carrier will hold the price? Contracting a freight company, who increase the price after every few months is a most unwelcome attribute of a bad company. Though, costs and prices are of paramount importance, should not be overriding aspect when selecting a logistics partner. Ultimately, if your partner doesn’t reach your customer or in a good transit time, it is no use availing freight services from a cheap company at lowest prices as it lowers your market reputation.

Handling Loads

It is crucial to discuss your logistic party on how much load they can handle during the peak season, around the Christmas and New Year eve? The service commitment should be a flexible one, allowing you to send full loads to Latvia. With, so much riding on-time delivery, prompt communication is important to keep your clients happy & to maintain a certain long term business relations.

Steer Clear of Sub-Contractors

There are many transport companies advertise that they arrange freight services via subcontracting it to other carriers. On an episode, something goes awry; communication can be difficult as your freight company will have no proper information.  Your freight service provider should solely operate and manage the entire distribution network.

Apart from this, there are many other things to mull over, such as, does your logistic offer money guarantee in an event of misdelivery. How many miles is the company’s depot?

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