Monday, October 9, 2017

Tips to use curtains and drapes in the dining room

When people think about the dining interiors most of them think about tables, chandeliers, and chairs. But people commonly forget the curtain and drapes which are also equally important. Among the hard furniture, they fill the color in the dining room.  So if you are not using the curtain in the dining room then you are missing something which can give the wonderful ambiance to your dining room. Better to add some touch of softness using flower printed curtains to make your dining room lively.

Choosing curtain in the dining room

According to your room, you can choose the curtain. To get the modern dining d├ęcor in India you can go for the curtain which puddles on the floor. You can also for the look which is streamlined. Better to use any soft fabric instead of any hard blinds and shutters.

Fabric and pattern

A popular look for the decoration is to use the same fabric which you are using for the table and seat cushion covers. You can say that this is an old-fashioned and traditional thing, but the dining room is the one place where this look can do wonders. People from the modern era going towards the traditional things, which is giving new directions to interior decoration. However, it is necessary to use a color which was not matched with the art and other fabric already used in the room. You can also choose the curtains with the patterns. Try to combine all the colors in a way which can give a pleasant look with the modern dining decor.

When it comes to the fabric it is very important which type you are using. If you want a formal look in the dining room you can use silk and velvet curtains. But if you want to make casual look you can choose cotton and linen curtains.


Always remember to choose the curtain which puddles a little they should not be too short. Most of the designers agree usually people make a mistake of using the short curtains. However, you should also check the curtain should not touch the floor. If the curtains are touching the floor you can adjust your curtain road a bit.

Usually, the road for the curtain mounted 4” above the window frame. But this a not a hard and fast rule you can adjust the window as per the need. Also the each road can be 6” to 8” wider on each side. But if you want to give the wider look of the window you can make a bit wider. That’s totally up to your requirement how you want to mount the curtain road.

Always remember the key of the decoration is to balance each thing present in the room. In the room where you have so much hard furniture, it is always good to add some softness to it. The dining room can be the best looking place if you use some curtains and drapes in the room. 

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