Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why is Working on a Ship a Great Adventure?

In an environment characterized by insecurity, uncertainty and disappointing expectations, solutions are sought elsewhere, follow the experiences of others and hope for a better life. In search of such a dream, a significant number of people, mainly members of the younger population, have decided to move somewhere else, all over the world, by doing diverse jobs on overseas and river ships.Korman & Korman immigration lawyers are the right professionals you need if you are thinking of moving somewhere else and starting a job outside of your country. Make sure you examine all the options.


And who knows how many of them are still thinking and trying to get on the road. In that sense, it relies on experiences of friends and acquaintances, which are diverse - from dissatisfaction to enthusiasm.

And how, in fact, it looks like working on a boat and what how this be done?

First, young people are attracted to the opportunity to travel and see distant parts of the world, to improve their knowledge of foreign languages, to meet interesting people. But their primary goal is earning. After signing the first contract, you can expect earnings from $1,000 to $3,500, or for a six-month commitment you can earn up to 7,000 dollars minimum.

Everything else depends on the willingness to work. Of particular importance is the position to which it is applied. Experienced favors jobs, that is, services that are paid in particular, as a bartender's job, because that's how you get a tip, which increases your earnings.

Also, different options are offered by overseas vessels in relation to river ships. Earnings on Overseas ships may be higher, but engagement on river ships is shorter. The conditions for working on river ships are easier, the profit is mostly fixed, and the tips are divided. Often, these tasks require knowledge of Italian or German, along with English.

Daily work on board takes from 10 to 13 hours. It works without a free day. In order to ensure high quality of services, employees are often trained at times when the ship is in a port. This is an opportunity for employees to visit the ports and cities in which they are landlocked.

The recommendation of the more experienced is that those who decide to work on the ship always ask for the mediation of the checked agencies. With solvency, it is also necessary to provide cash for the airline ticket and visa, in the total amount of about 1000 dollars. Additional costs should not be accepted.

Those who are longer in this work note that, regardless of the knowledge and experience they have, the signatory of the first contract will always start from the lowest position, but will, with the attitude towards work, create the opportunity for promotion. And regardless of the position, the working hours will be unchanged.
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