Thursday, November 2, 2017

How to select a good bone marrow transplant hospital

A bone marrow transplant- sounds quite daunting, right? But the harsh truth is whether we like it or not sometimes we or our near and dear ones might come face to face to with a life and death situation which can be tackled only with a bone marrow transplant. It is used to treat various severe diseases that are usually deemed fatal like cancer (Leukaemia) and most immunity related diseases.

The bone marrow cells are some of the most important cells of the body since they produce blood cells which are the medium of circulation in our body and also the basis of our immunity system.

Hence a BMT procedure if done right can increase somebody’s lifespan while on the other hand an unsuccessful one might lead to serious conditions resulting even in death. So first you need to find a good hospital where you can get the bone marrow transplant done. Here are some points that will help you to select the best hospital for a bone marrow transplant:
  1. The first step in the selection procedure is to sit with a list of bone marrow transplant hospitals in india. Gather online ratings and tick out the ones that are the most reputed. Make sure that you consult online medical journals when it comes filtering out the best since not all websites are authentic and might be paid for coming up with ratings. Hence medical journals or magazines of repute are your safest refuge.
  2. Next comes the process of selecting the ones that are located in or near the place that you live in. If you have a good transplant hospital near where you live then it is a perfect choice. However it might not always be that fortunate a situation. In times like this you will have to make arrangements for travel to a place with a good transplant hospital.
  3. Make sure that the city that you opt for is not very far from where you live which will help in reducing the travel cost. It is also best to opt for a city where you have relatives with whom you can stay for a while after the operation.
  4. One of the most crucial filtering mechanism when it comes to selecting the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in india is to take a look at the team of doctors they have on their BMT surgical team. A lot depends on the doctor who is looking after you and the hands who will be operating on you. Make sure that the doctors attending are of good repute and are an experienced team which a high success rate.
  5. The cost is also an important factor and, hence, see to it, that your mediclaim policy will be viable in the hospital that you are opting for. Also check the cost of the entire process once and consult with the medical insurance company one before you take the final call.
So these are some finer points that will help you in selecting the best one for you from all the good transplant hospitals in India.

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