Sunday, November 5, 2017

The challenging phase: old age

Every person in the world has some or other memories with their grandparents. They made our life possibly beautiful when our mothers did not know to bathe us, when our parents were compelled to work without spending time with us, when summer vacations were the only form of entertainment we had, when your mom and dad denies something but you have your grandparents’ acceptance, when one story from them made you imagine a lot of things and when the gifts and pocket money you received from them were more than you asked for.
These little things were a part of the memory to most people out there. Except a few who did not have the time or situation to experience these. But are we giving the same love we got from them? Are we even ready to know the challenges they are facing in old age phase? Let’s take a moment to know about few of such challenges they meet.

The gifts old age presents:

Physiological problems:

No matter how strong they may be, the first challenge they are ought to face is the physical stature. It’s not necessary that if only your grandma or grandpa is suffering from heart risks or diabetes only, they have physiological problems but when old age enters it brings in standard problems like loose skin, wrinkled face, faulty diet, inadequate rest and mobility issues. Your grandpa would have been an athlete but as he ages, you will see him moving around with medical walking aids like walker or canes. This is how aging will change them. They may not like to sit idle but they are compelled to be so.

Tip: Elderly people will never ask out for things instead they expect things to be done out of love even before asking. So buy them some walking aids from  if you see them struggling for balance. Healthline products are here as a boon.

Psychological problems:

Not only physical stability but also the mental stability gets affected during old age. They are prone to psychotic depressions from their past and susceptible to dementia. They develop few symptoms like poor memory, hearing loss, intolerance, and disorientation. But when they show symptoms like this never hurt them by belittling them. Suppose they forgot your important day, don’t wait for them to come to you instead be kind in letting them know with a surprise.

Tip: Help them be better with memories. Collect all the things they loved once and present it to them so that, this way it will help them remember better. Avoid neglecting them and ridiculing their forgetfulness.

Social problems:

They suffer social losses to a great extent. They are narrowed down from being popular at their workplace, attending parties, informal meetings to be confined to their homes as the center of their social life. Home becomes a place where an interpersonal relationship with family members happens and when they find home most of the times to be empty they go under depression.

Tip: Regular visits to your grandparents or being able to spend time with them if they are near you will add life to their old age.

Old age is unavoidable. Everyone has to face it someday. Better sow what you want to reap later!

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