Sunday, December 10, 2017

Learn SAS for Better Opportunities

The big data analytics job market in India has been growing quite fast and it depends on a talent pool consisting of personnel with different skill set. An interesting fact about any industry that grows at a brisk pace is that opinions are formed and changed very rapidly. Such is the case with some technologies. The whole body of discourse regarding any technology looks forward but rarely is it fascinated with the present state of beings. So, if you are deciding upon what to learn as a next step up the career ladder then try to look deeper; things that seem no longer to be profitable may actually be the right thing for you.
SAS is very much in the market

A whole body of web content has blatantly written off the great potential of SAS certification in India. It is important to realize that a technology that has ruled the market for so long cannot be just shed of the face of the market just like that. There have been occasions when people have been discouraged to take up SAS training whereas it is proven in a lot of surveys that a skill set consisting of SAS can open up the best opportunities for you. The number of open positions with SAS as a required skill is still high in the Indian market as well as the global scenario.

Why are SAS skills still so relevant?

The SAS tools have been used for statistical analysis and data management for the longest period of time in the global analytics industry. The corporate sector relies on SAS. The functionalities are constantly developing and the school SAS of technologies isgradually getting its grip back on the market. As recently as in 2016 SAS topped the list of top skills worldwide. Data mining and management being among the most needed skills for the analytics industry SAS remains to be one technology that is to be learnt by youngsters to open up the best opportunities.

SAS and its peers

Python and R are the most potent peers of SAS. Python has in fact risen like a rocket to popularity. R also has always been a fan favourite among data science professionals. Personnel with a combining skill set of R, Python and SAS are the ones with the best pay packages. Having all the major skills in your bag you are going to be pretty invincible.

SAS training

It does not only prepare you for dealing with the SAS tools but also helps you build the advanced concepts of data analytics. Knowledge of SQL can really come handy while learning SAS. The training facilities are numerous around the country. It is important to choose a course that offers you the perfect balance of theoretical concepts and practical training.

There are not enough SAS professionals to suffice for the current needs of the Indian analytics industry. The workforce needs able minds are you one of them?  


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