Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Do you really know your employees?

No matter what role you play in a company, be it the CEO or the manager; you are bound to be surrounded by employees. Employees are the main asset of any company. No matter how many funds you have or what work you engage in, if you don't have employees you can't aim to succeed. Employees act as the stones on the path to success for your company. Their hard work, efficiency, and willingness to work are the main reasons why you see any company progressing. Your employees are basically the heart of your company, but do you really know them? Do you know what motivates them to come to work or the reason why they act up in certain situations? As an employer or a leader, it is your job to know your employees. There was a reason why you hired those specific employees out of a number of different candidates. The potential that you saw in them was what made you hire them. Now as an employer, it is your job to help your employees go beyond their limits and make them step out of their comfort zone. But to be able to push them beyond what they have ever done before, you need to get to know them.

There are a number of tests that vouch to be the best and state that they can help you understand your employees with minimal efforts, but most of these tests are useless and only end up wasting your time. One tool that you can actually use to your benefit which is tried and tested and branded as the best is DISC. DISC is an assessment tool which is easy to use and conduct. On the completion of the test, a detailed report is provided about the personality of the participants. So when you use this tool for your employees, you are able to gain a certain understanding about their personalities and behavior. Along with this, you get knowledge regarding their strengths and weaknesses which is a great plus point for any employer. Has it ever happened that a situation that was going very well suddenly turns upside down because you send the wrong employee to handle it? If you ever had that problem then DISC will definitely be a life saver for you as being able to understand their strengths and weaknesses tells you which kind of employee is fit for which type of situation. Not every employee is fit for every situation. Some might have more brute than brains whereas someone might have more brains than brute. The right way of handlings things is keeping a balance between the brute and the brains.

Also, this tool is a great go to option if you want to get to really know your employees. Each one of us has a distinctive personality. DISC tells us which personality type is dominant in us as a result of which we tend to behave the way we do. Because of the same, it is also able to assess how we will tend to react in different situations due to the type of our personality. It is possible that a dominating person who is used to getting their way will botch up a meeting where we are supposed to listen to the ideas of the clients or listen to their negative feedback. In such a situation, you need a listener who is able to remain calm and composed and take out a solution for the problem as compared to a someone who is more of a speaker than a listener and is more likely to lose his temper due to lack of patience.

Though if you opt for using this assessment, make it a point to go for the disc assessment certification as well. Even though it is not mandatory to go for it, it is highly recommended to do so.

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