Monday, January 8, 2018

Etiquettes to follow when travelling in trains

Every activity has some certain guidelines and etiquettes that are to be followed. Right from eating at tables to travelling in trains, there are some basic etiquettes that have been designed for our and our fellow people’s benefit.

So when it comes to travelling in trains why should we not follow some basic etiquettes that are in place to avoid any discomfort for us or our fellow passengers. The rules are simple and civic in nature and hence following them does not entail much effort either. Here are the some etiquettes that you ought follow when travelling in trains:
  1. The first and the most important thing to take into consideration is that you should not be of any discomfort to your passenger. You should not play loud music, but rather stick to your headphones at night. If you want to read a book, you cannot keep the coop light on. It is best that you carry your own book light with you. Do not talk loudly on the phone at night since it might disturb other passengers who are trying to sleep. The main thing when it comes to your co-passengers is to be cooperative.
  2. The other thing that you have to maintain when travelling in trains is that there is a certain decorum about your seat number. Go to the seat number which you have been assigned and if you wish to change it then talk to the TT first about whether that is possible or not. Do not sit on somebody else’ seat number and ask them to talk to the TT since you want to sit there. If you want to change or exchange your seat, talk to the person in concern and then go to the TT and confirm the exchange.
  3. A lot of people tend to go for Food Delivery in Train these days where food items are delivered right to your berth and seat number. The booking can be done through downloaded apps in your phone and a delivery person comes and gives you the food when the train halts at the pre-given station. Since the stoppage time is not much, hence it is best make sure that you have the necessary change ready. Cooperate with the delivery person, keep the change in hand, so that the person can complete all the orders and alight the train in time.
  4. When travelling in sleeper coaches, you are provided with sheets, pillows and blankets. Each and every berth has these items assigned to them. Do not take these from another berth, just because you want an extra towel or an extra sheet. If you need one, ask the TT or the service provider who generally stays near the compartment doors.
  5. And last but not the least do not keep your luggage in the luggage space provided for others. Every seat has its luggage space provided. If the space is not enough for your luggage talk to your fellow passengers and together make room for it, rather than hogging on someone else’s space.
If you follow these simple etiquettes your fellow passengers too will be mindful of your needs and hence ensure an overall nice journey for everyone.

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