Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Industrial Humidification System why it is necessary?

Industrial or commercial environment, it is a must to control artificially the relative humidity of air. Staff can work comfortably, only when the industrial humidification system is installed and the machinery, processes and storage humidity ranges stay maintained.  The workplaces leads to deposition of unwanted moisture due to high humidity that it makes the workplace very uncomfortable. While, if there is low humidity, the moisture gets drawn from the materials surrounding and this results in drying out and becomes potentially dangerous static electricity. Thus, the only solution is maintaining appropriate relative humidity.

Why concentrate on Humidity control
Maintaining humidification has become essential for organizations in industries relating to electronics, wine production and food processing that they install industrial humidifiers. While in other environments such as offices, hospitals, data centers and libraries benefit with ultrasonic humidifiers.

Humidity is controllable on installing one of the industrial humidification packages.  These humidification systems include precision nozzles or wall mounted ultrasonic humidifiers. Besides the humidification installation parts include electronic control systems, humidistats and valves.  There is a need to install correctly specified industrial humidification system so that it ensures efficient humidity control featuring low operating costs and installation.

Industrial humidification system types
The humidification system types include right from mist spray to sophisticated ultrasonic industrial humidifier. This can be easily installed by an experienced supplier and if required he can also design and maintain for particular business type. However, for most applications, the nozzles are in the roof spaces mounted and are very helpful as it reduces impaired safety and visibility, besides it also raises the relative humidity devoid of over-fogging.

Regardless of the humidification system you choose, ensure the supplier has essential industry knowledge and experience. This is because though the principles are the same, the humidification systems aspects may vary between an antique dealer and an automotive paint shop.

Ultrasonic humidifier
This is the well-known humidifiers and they work at ultrasonic frequencies that are above 20,000 Hz by vibrating a metal diaphragm. These vibrations results in water droplets creation and get propelled as fine mist into the surrounding areas. Recently, the ultrasonic humidifier comes as wall-mounted operating at no noise levels that they are appropriate for noise-sensitive areas.

Advantages of humidification systems
The humidification system, regardless of the type is installed. But on installing the correct humidifier, there is a great difference to the organization. This is because the most important matter of concern is the humidity and this makes a real difference between failure and commercial success.

Note:  Buy humidification system from a good supplier who has expertise in dust and odor control as well.


·         Controls humidity for areas ranging from 1000 ft2 to more than 1,000,000 ft2
·         Improves quality of the product and increases production
·         There is a decrease of airborne dust to nearly 60%
·         The quality control is improved due to controlling the humidity levels within 2%.
·         Evaporative cooling is offered.
·         Air and water filtration is available as optional
·         Ensures complete peace of mind, besides good health.

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