Sunday, January 28, 2018

Taking to Aniracetam Can Be Effective In Improving Mood and Cognition

These compounds that work effectively to improve your cognitive functions are mostly used by people who feel they are being low on such functions. The Aniracetam is one such nootropic and was introduced in the market from Belgium. This compound falls in the category called racetams and is similar to the compound named Piracetam. The Aniracetam is effective for anxiety and for improving one’s memory. This drug works to improve the mental performance of people who use it regularly. Hence people with weaker memory can use this drug to bring better memory capacity.

Maintenance of Brain

This drug belongs to the racetam group and the complete way of its working within the human body is not known. There are some potential sides that are known and can be discussed. This compound helps in proper maintenance of the brain and keeps the brain working to a normal standard. There are some patients with weaker brain functions and other similar ailments. These patients show unique functioning of the brain when they take to this drug.

The abnormally low flow of blood to the brain causes such ailments like ischemic brain and proper metabolism of the brain keeps the patients working as normal people. The damaged neurons of brains are detected in such patients and these are mostly done by the toxic free radicals. This Aniracetam works to lower the formation of these free radicals.

Mood enhancer

There are other benefits from this compound as they aid in treating disorders of the mind. Some are overly anxious and this drug helps in bringing down anxiety. This happens for this drug affects the neuro transmitters that carry messages from nerve cells to other cells. The ways the nerves are affected are the way to remove the anxiety and make people feel better. These acts as medication for depression and therefore are used to treat elderly adults too, for better mood and cognitive functions. This also treats sleep disorder for people with dementia and hence is useful for a large part of the population who find it stressful to sleep and rest their mind.

Way of working

You will find this is absorbed faster with the blood stream and it reaches its highest concentration within 25-30 minutes of taking the dose. This is when it enters the brain and binds itself with the neurotransmitters. Now these neurotransmitters start sending signals to the other parts. The compound also helps in building new neurons to improve the neurotransmitters. This helps in faster and better synapses between the other organs and connects the different parts of the brain.

You now know that Aniracetam is effective for anxiety for it affects different neurotransmitters like Dopamine and the other one is Serotonin.

Dose to be taken

These improve the mood and regulate sleep, which again relaxes the body. This compound is fat soluble and so you must take it after taking some food.  Take it after about 15 minutes of having your food. Since they are fat soluble, you must take it with some fat source like fish oil. You must take a dose of 750 to 3000 mg in a day. You can take it by dividing the total dose in 2 – 3 small doses. Take powder if you want fast effects as capsules will take a little longer to get absorbed in the body.

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