Tuesday, February 27, 2018

All you need to know to apply VISA in self-employed category!

Canada is one of those nations where oppturnties and resource are in abundance and as a result, now a day’s lot of people around the globe are looking forward to settle in Canada. Canada is one of the most developed nations of the world with great avenues better lifestyle that makes its top destination for millions of people around the globe.
The federal Government of Canada works on the foreign policy and they continuously work on how they can ease up the immigration process so that professionals that are more talent can come and contribute in the nation’s economy. With so many different policies and programs, so that more and more people can come as the visa application process or rather, it is categorized in different aspect and in accordance; one can easily choose the right option and then apply in accordance.

If you are self -employed then fret not! As you can easily get your Visa in self-employed category as this visa program is for the individuals who are either self-employed and fall under certain  industry  as stated earlier this programs has been premeditated for  individuals who want to become self-employed after immigrating to Canada. Apart from that, you need to have experience in athletics activities or in cultural activities and / or in farm management.

What are the requirements of the self Employed Person program?

To apply for self employed visa in Canada, you need to fulfil certain criteria and to acquaint you here we have streamlined points to save you from gruelling research work and are as follows:
  • You need to have relevant work experience so that it can be counted in your experience and forthat, you need to have participation certificate in any cultural activity, agricultural experience, or in athletics on international level. To make significant contribution in the respective field which you are an ace.
  • The eligibility of the applicant is based on certain parameters and that are age, education, experience, adaptability, and language proficiency.
  • Medical security is another important eligibility criterion as you need to pass the health test and one must be in the pink of health in order to become eligible.
  • The ability to fund yourself is another important criterion so that you can support your stay in Canada without much issue and hassle.
  • Failing to comply with any one of the eligibility criteria would lead to rejection thus, it is necessary to meet the eligibilitycriteria to have the visa in your hand and you can easily fly to the land of maple leaf.
 For more information, you can easily see self employed visa Canada forum that would certainly help you to take up the right action that would suffice the purpose and this is why it is important to carry the legwork, as this will help you to take up things in the right way.Apart from that, it is important to keep checking the immigration office website as this will certainly help you to keep abreast with the latest updates.

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