Wednesday, February 7, 2018

These 7 easy math tricks will help you score in your ICSE exams

Mathematics is the most feared subject amongst students. For most of the students, math is a nightmare. But if you prefer hard work to master mathematics, you will fail miserably. In order to achieve an exceptional score in mathematics paper of ICSE exams, we recommend abiding by the right strategy rather than hard work. If you invest your time in right approach and smart work, you will attain a desirable score in math paper.

Today, we discuss seven easy math tricks that you can utilize in your ICSE exam. These tricks will be beneficial in mastering math basic and complex fundamentals. When you will incorporate these tricks while preparing for the paper, you will not fear mathematics but love it unconditionally.

Understand Syllabus
Your preparation begins with the syllabus. When you are familiar with the syllabus, you know what topics need to be addressed. Thus, you can create your timetable accordingly. Based on the syllabus, you can purchase suitable reference books and study material. By analyzing syllabus, you will be able to identify important topics that hold immense value with respect to ICSE examination.

Learn & Understand Formulas and Theorems
Mathematics is all about concepts, derivations, theorems, and formulas. If you master the art of understanding these subjects, math will be a cakewalk for you. To solve mathematic problems accurately and quickly, you should be proficient in solving derivations and theorems. To attain this objective, understand the concepts. After this, you will be able to learn and memorize formulas in an effective manner.

Practice Problems
When you have learned formulas by heart, it’s time to apply these formulas to practical problems. This is important because you should be able to know the application of formulas. Practice solved and unsolved problems to master the formulas and to solve the questions in an efficient manner.

Solve Mock Papers
Now, you should start solving mock papers. These mock papers or practice papers are based on the latest pattern adopted by the ICSE board. When you practice mock sets, you are strengthening your preparation for ICSE exams. Further, try to solve previous year solved papers as well. You will get the idea about the type of questions asked in the exam.

Work on Weak Areas
Everyone has their own set of weaknesses and strengths. While you don’t need to focus on strengths, you should strive hard to overcome your weaknesses. So if you are weak in some topics of mathematics, or you just hate mathematics, you need to fasten your seatbelt. Work hard and devote theneeded time to convert mathematics from your weakness to strength.

Emphasize on Revision
You have completed the syllabus in a stipulated time period. While this is surely an achievement, it doesn’t matter whether you have completed the syllabus or not. The amount of information that you can recall in the exam, this is what matters. Thus, always devote time for revision as well. Develop a habit of revising previous topics every week and every month.

Learn Time Management
All the aforementioned ways will work when you manage them efficiently. Devote specified hours to studying mathematics. You don’t need to study it daily. You can devote, for example, 8 hours per week. For example, you can aim at completing two topics in a week.

This includes learning formulas, solving problems and practice papers, and revising the topics. Adopt a strategic approach to score 90+ in mathematics exam.

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