Sunday, February 25, 2018

Top 5 relaxing music genres

The world is filled with stress and tension.  This stress and tension can cause several disorders and mental ailments too. There are several therapies and treatments to cure physical and mental ailments caused due to stress and tension of daily life.  If you do not want to resort to medicines then you can prevent as well as heal these ailments with music therapy.  There are several Relaxing Music genres that can really be soothing and beneficial for your body and mind.

relaxing music genres
There are several forms of music available on the internet.  Some forms of music can make you feel active and energetic while others can be very soothing and calming for you.  Music has become a popular way to relax for students, work professionals, housewives and even elderly.  Here are the top five genres of music that have complete relaxing and soothing effect on the listener.
  • Country music -- this is a relaxing music form which has originated in the southern areas of the United States.  It has been inspired by folk music, blues, and ballads.  Most of the artists that perform country music compose their songs around ballads about their loved ones. There are several popular country music songs that have a calming effect on the body and soul.
  • Smooth jazz-- this is an old form of music popular since 1970. This is also a variation of the popular jazz music which is funky and kind of rock and roll music.  But smooth jazz does not bring so much active and energetic effect and has a soothing effect.  By making use of devices such as guitars, saxophones, trombones and other such low sounding instruments this music brings about a down tempo genre of music.  They bring about a feeling of romance, love, and happiness in the mind of the listener.  This Relaxing Music form can make you feel light-hearted and easy going. 
  • Soft rock -- although it has the name rock in it, it is not hip hop type of music.  It is originated from hard rock music but rather than loud tones and devices it makes use of soft lyrics and melody to give a soothing effect.  It is full of romantic kind of songs. 
  • Soca -- this music form had originated in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago since 1970. Although it is an upbeat and fast paced form of music it is having a relaxing and soothing effect on the mind and soul.
These forms of music are highly relaxing and you can heal your mind and body with this music.  There are several top artists and composers that provide these forms of music. You can find lots of relaxing music albums and popular artists on 

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