Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What kind of preparations you have to do to clear IES exam in a single attempt?

UPSC exams are not easy nuts to crack, however if you have a clear vision and strategy to implement you cannot go wrong while you prepare for an elite exam such as of an IES level. You must have heard ex- aspirants who had qualified the exams talking about their experiences and the strategy, they used while they were preparing for the same. Adhere to it, there are ample of ways you can streamline your preparation in order to crack the examination at first go, still follow the following tips and see yourself winning with flying colors.
Go through the previous year question papers

As a matter of first importance, go through the previous year question papers that came in IES. It will give you a fair idea regarding which themes and topic are more critical and which subjects are given more weightage during the examination. All this will help you to set-up the base by listing out the topics and save time on sorting topics at the later stages. 

Believe on Micro Notes

Micro Notes are the most crucial aspect whenever you are preparing for a competitive exam. UPSC sets a vast syllabus to be covered, hence the student is boggled with what to cover /revise as the examination date approaches. Resultantly, they become nervous and leave the important points during revision. 

Micro –notes come handy when you are at the final stage of preparation. Since you have already understood the topics, listing out the important events in a tabular or any format which you can easily remember at such tight situation is the edge you always need.

Strategy which works best for IES Exams

The best strategy to crack IES exams stands tall on the following pillars


After, you have gone through the initial stage of preparation, work on the following strategy to conquer the fear of examination. The following strategy works best as it helps you in listing the important pointers such as formulas, quotes and events. 

We suggest writing the same on a page according to the topics which have been asked in the recent year examination over the last 5 years. You can use any calendar to memorize the formula and important event though the Gmail calendar as it was accessible to you every time. 

Make a propensity to revise the formulae regular amid morning, as brain is fresh and ready to refresh the concepts already understood. 


Start attempting Mock-test and previous year assignment papers as soon as you consider you are ready to appear for the IES exam. If you are amongst those who do not consider themselves prepared even at the last minute, start taking test more often at least six- months before your test is scheduled to take place. This training will go far in expanding your productivity and precision in target papers. 

In the wake of modifying every one of the formulae, open past year papers, pick one subject, and fathom 60 questions at the least in an hour’s time at least when only 3 months are left for your examination.


Evaluation is the key, as you need to make sure that all topics are thoroughly revised well before the final day when the exam is conducted. You need to make sure that you list out the topics where you need revision and make a note of those dubious inquiries in a different note pad. Subsequent to following this training, eventually you will have a scratch pad brimming with dubious and reasonable inquiries, which will be exceptionally useful for speedy correction, days before the scheduled date of examination.


Finally revise all, what you have missed as well as the one which you have attempted wrong. You can always refer to micro-notes for the same. This strategy works best after you have done the basic preparation required for IES.

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