Monday, March 26, 2018

5 ways to get support for your studies as a Chinese student

Studying in the UK as a Chinese student can be a daunting yet extremely rewarding experience. There are many areas where you may need assistance if you study in the UK, whether it is a general issue relating to your course, a technical problem with your IT equipment, help with submitting assignments or general academic advice, your university, tutors and fellow students are always willing to assist.

#1 Your Tutor

If you need help with your studies the first place you should go is your tutor. They have the expertise in your subject area and they can explain any concepts that you are struggling with helping you to progress through your studies.

#2 Assignment Writing Help

If you really struggle with putting your thoughts on paper or collating a well formed answer for your essays, you can make use of a UK assignment writing service. This type of service will present you with a professional paper that you can use as research material for your studies or help you formulate a strong answer.

These services also offer proof reading too so you can send them your academic work and they will polish and perfect your assignment so it not only reads well, but it is effectively structured too.

#3 Online 

There are lots of resources online that can help you adapt to UK study, including revision advice, study tips and time management. Make use of this information to help support you through your studies.

#4 Virtual Learning Environments

Many universities have Virtual Learning Environments where you can  access all of the modules that you are studying. VLE platforms often provide students with a wealth of information including course notes, assignment topics and other guides and advice to help you through your course.

#5 Student Union

At your student union you will be able to access a range of information to help support you with your studies whatever concern that you have. If you need help with managing stress, proof reading or coordinating your studies, there are lots of resources that you can access.

Being a Chinese student in the UK will present a lot of new and interesting opportunities. It is important though if you are struggling with any aspect of your studies, whether it is understanding the course material, essay writing or managing your time, that you ask for help if you need it.

University staff, fellow students and your student community will always be willing to help or guide you in the right direction.

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