Monday, March 12, 2018


You must have come across various ideas and visual displays of fairy gardens and do it yourself projects, where you can create a mini garden for yourself and put miniature items in decoration, to give it a realistic feel. If you have so far been wondering how it is done and what you are going to need for it, we are here to help. At Makevana, you can find a huge collection of handmade miniature animals which can be used to decorate your fairy garden.
Which miniature animals can be used for decoration of fairy garden?
For decoration of your fairy garden, you can basically use any type of miniature animals. It can be a dog or a cat and can depend upon the pet that you already own. So if you have a cat or a dog at home, you can build the same for your fairy garden. Since they are basically miniature, they can be placed easily and in any number, depending on the size of your fairy garden. Below are some creative miniature animal ideas from Makevana that you can use to decorate your garden:

Cute pig miniature :  Who said that pigs can't look adorable? Look at these quirky little pig miniatures, which can be placed along a swamp or a fence and made to complete the landscape. In spite of the little detailing that has been used to craft these cuties, we are sure that you will fall in love with them.
 Cartoon cat miniature : Here is something to make your real cat feel jealous. This kitty in a carton looks adorable when placed in your fairy garden.
Cats miniature : Bring kitty friends along with you at your fairy garden and play with them all day long. This set of 4 garden kitties will keep you happy all day long.
Hedgehog Miniature : You might not like a real hedgehog but you simply can turn away from this miniature one! Place this set of 2 in your garden to complete the look.
Turtle miniatures: Do you have a water feature in your fairy garden? Bring it alive with these cute little turtles that will swim in the waters all day long.
Giraffe garden miniature : You can possibly never think of having a giraffe as a pet but how about a miniature giraffe for your fairy garden? Place these adorable giraffes in your garden to get the real feel of your garden.
Vintage or wooden:   What can be better than a collection of resin chi’s for your fairy garden. Decorate them along your garden with wooden or  large vintage  clocks  to feel and play with the little animals.

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