Saturday, March 10, 2018


The edifice of every relationship stands upon trust and reliance on one another. In present time, the tendency of human beings seeking undue self-interest at the cost of others happiness is increasing humongously. We, as a human, failed to realise that by exercising manipulations and fabrications to hide our mistakes or to get extra profits are, indeed, rushing towards movement but not towards progress. This embittered the ultimate purpose of every relationship, be it business, family or matrimonial. To ameliorate these emerging jolted trends and bringing more authenticity and legitimacy to every relationship, Lie Detector Test can be of great help.
Lie Detector

How it works?

Lie detector test, also known as polygraphy test is of profound importance to meet the ends of honesty. It records your several physiological processes like pulse rate, blood pressure and perspiration and respiration simultaneously. When a person lies, there is an abnormal drift in these processes. By perusing these drifts, assessment of dishonest impulse can be done.

How it feels to be betrayed?

To be betrayed or cheated by a partner where one’s trust or faith resorts is unspeakably excruciating. More of it is when you are undergoing wrongful expression of fake promises and are unable to make out what truth is or else you come along the reality when it’s already too late. For the purpose of preventing imitative relationships, the technique of lie detection is all-powerful.

Where it can be used?

It can be used in resolving cases of Infidelity, theft, sex offence, marriage breakdowns, employee fraud and family and business disputes. Moreover, many false cases have been lodged out of rage or retaliation, which resulted in prolonged unreasonable suffering of innocents. False accusation hits on one’s dignity and left him with utter distress, this needs to be urgently looked upon. Therefore, lie detection test is a productive step to curb such practices instantaneously. Also, there are thousands of cases recorded in the Courts of Justice and many of us are barred from getting justice due to numerosity of cases. This specific detection could bring a positive change in justice delivery system, if adopted.

In most of the countries, false accusation of rape is not an offence. For instance, India having more than 1.2 billion population that holds a lion’s share in global population index, does not recognise false accusation of rape; and adultery if done by woman as an offence. This puts man in plight with no doors open for justice. Thus, lie detection test turns out as a boon and allows to avail justness. 

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