Sunday, March 25, 2018

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The Maxoptra can be used easily for the home delivery solution. Yes, it is the one which offers the tight time window that can be easily achievable. You can use it for allocating the time windows to the customers that one can know are cost effective and achievable. All of them can also be confirmed to the one hour of shots. They take consideration of much constraint which is faced by transport operator as availability, vehicle capacity, the road restriction and travel time or more. This means that with them you will not be over promised or under delivered.

Makes the accurate ETA prediction

The Maxoptra also communicate automatically the time windows to customers as route schedule gets produced. The informed customer is happy customer generally. It calculates the ETAs based on different factors. This also enables the accurate ETA calculation & the automatic text or the email notification of the arrival time gets communicated to the customers. It also keeps all customers as informed. One can link the route planning with vehicle tracking for ensuring that you are completely on track for delivering at right time that you promised. If there is any delay or issue, one can also notify the customer in advance.

Manage routes

With the increased usage of technology in the transport & ability of integrating route optimization, the tracking of vehicle solution easily, it states that there is no excuse for keeping the clients informed. One can manage the routes easily with Maxoptra technology. You can easily sort or organize the different stops, allocate or re-allocate orders for different drivers with drag and drop option. You can also view progress on all run right on screen and able in reacting quickly for any changes in schedule. Their home delivery software also offers the integration with the Tom-Tom that allows all the drivers for finding the routes easily, not knowing area.

So how the companies still offers all day or the am/pm timing windows make must seem as gargantuan leaps into realm of 1 hour timing slot & the real timing customer update? Help at hand in form of the automated routing and scheduling optimization system. Some big or complex system is also costly, tricky for implementing & challenging for configuring. However, the Maxoptra also offers the home delivery system offer hope for wanting to make switch & remaining competitive in fast paced industries.

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