Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Advertise your business in an effective way

We have extensive experience designing, manufacturing, and installing a wide range of electrical, lighted, and neon signs throughout Austin. A lighted electrical sign is one of the most effective ways to advertise a business and you can know if you click here at This is especially true during the night, as an electrically lighted sign truly comes to life after the sun goes down. Not only does lighted signage stand out above the rest, it’s generally easier to read, making it a great investment for businesses looking to catch the eye.
Advertise your business in an effective way


Businesses that operate for long hours tend to benefit from a lighted neon sign in Austin. For instance, a 24/7 convenience store can show they are open to traditional businesses hours. Bars and restaurants are other business operating at night that may benefit from a lighted dimensional signs. We aim to provide a fast turnaround for all neon and lighted signs. From design to manufacturing to installation, our goal is to get your sign up and running in as little time as possible. Of course, we take the time to ensure the sign is designed specially to your requirements and is properly installed.

Design limitations:

One of our lighted signs could be just the thing to get more business through the door! This type of signage visibly advertises your business, possibly even catching the eye of pedestrians walking by. At Banner Sign Graphics, we believe there are no design limitations when it comes to electrical signs. Whether you have a graphic design already created or have a description in mind, we can design any style of sign to suit your needs if you click here at

Proper installation:

Our neon and lighted signs offer cost-effective solutions for businesses in Austin and beyond – contact us now for a free quote. A sign only looks good when properly installed, so it’s always a job worth doing right. Here at Banner Sign Graphics, we aim to put our 30 years’ experience to good use by providing quality sign installation throughout Austin. Moreover, signage is a serious investment, so it makes sense to make the most out this investment. For a sign to truly make that important first impression and stand the test of time, professional signage installation is a must.

Sign installations:

Our installation techniques come with a wealth of experience. We know the best practices for every type of signage installation, taking the time to get things done safely and correctly. Yet our experience allows us to provide a fast turnaround for all sign installations. Our knowledge and expertise allow creating virtually any kind of digital banner display. There are no size restrictions, so whether you need a multi-story sign or a sign measuring a few feet, we will make it a reality.


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