Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Apply For The Different Types Of Visa Offered By The US

Every foreign citizen who would like to enter the United States should need to hold a visa. This can be either migration visa or non-migration visa- that is used for temporary stay and immigration visa- that is used for the permanent stay. It has even become easy to apply for US visa from UK or from any other country.
Non-migration visa: It is often used as a business-oriented visa, for tourists or students as well.
Migration visa: You have to demonstrate to the consult officer that you are willing to leave the United States after the temporary stay.
Different types of US visas
There are many different types of visas offered by the United States of America and they have been mentioned below. Let’s check it out –
Tourist or business visa:
This is again classified into two different types,
B-1: Related to business issues, scientific researchers, educators, or contracts
B-2: Related to medical treatment, also includes tourism, and often act as visiting visa.
Working visa:
As its name specifies if you are interested to work in the United States of America, then you have to process this type of visa. Upon which you have to specify the type of work that you are going to address that will be approved by the USCIS. They are even classified into,
H1-B: You have to be certified in your bachelor's degree that will help in determining your speciality occupation. In addition to that, you have to submit the required documents.
H-2A: This is associated with the individuals who are interested in any type of temporary agricultural jobs.
H2-B: It is equally applicable for both skilled as well as unskilled labour. And is well known as a temporary visa for temporary jobs.
H-3: It has the validity of 2 years where you will be allowed to take training in any of the courses that you are interested.
H-4: This is especially for dependent like children under age 21, wife or husband who is not permitted to work in the country.
L-1: If the employee is interested to do international transactions with other companies when they apply for an L-1 visa.
Student Visa
This is exclusively for students who would visit the United States of America for educational purpose. They are also classified into different types namely,
F-1 Visa: Who would like to get educated in the United States of America approved schools.
M-1 Visa: Offered for the individuals who are going to get training in the non academic curriculum.
Exchange Visitor Visa
People who would like to participate in the exchange programs can make use of the exchange visitor visa. This is applicable to the individuals who are addressed in various fields.
You will probably get the basic idea of different types of visa offered by the United States of America. So if you are a UK citizen then you can feel free to apply for us visa from UK also. The first and the foremost thing you have to do is to know your requirement upon which it becomes easy for you to apply for the desired visa.

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