Friday, April 27, 2018

Beware! Keyloggers are after Your Cryptocurrency Wallets | How to stay Protected?

What is a Keylogger?

A Keylogger is an application that can monitor every single keystroke that you tap on your PC/Laptop’s or mobile’s keypad. 

A Keylogger can prove to be beneficial in certain areas like the same can be used as a part of a parental control application to monitor every keystroke of your child’s mobile device keypad enabling you to prevent any sort of communication with online strangers, cyber bullies, and pedophiles. The best example of this is the Keylogger which enables you to monitor your child’s online activity by facilitating you to investigate Keylogger logs remotely from your mobile device enabling you to have the information of each phrase entered by your child.
However, due to the ongoing craze of Cryptocurrency, the same Keylogger application is being majorly used by hackers as a malware to gain full access to your crypto wallets and to steal entire Cryptocurrency that you are holding. 

What are the modes through which you can get infected?

·         A malicious email attachment is the most common mode of all. The email imitates to be holding some important information related to your bank account or other finances containing an attachment which could be of any format like document, Adobe Acrobat file or simply an exe file. If you unknowingly open the attachment you are infected with the Keylogger malware and every keystroke that you type on your PC will be sent to the hacker. This way hacker can easily gain access to your Cryptocurrency wallets.
·         The second mode is through an infected USB drive. Generally, USB drives are left outside office buildings and when an unsuspecting employee picks it up and checks the contents of the drive, his/her computer gets infected with the Keylogger malware through an auto-run script written on the USB drive.
·         Malicious web pages are present. By mere visiting these pages the Keylogger malware gets downloaded. Also, sending malicious links through social media is immensely in vogue currently.

How to prevent Keylogger malware from entering your system?

·         The understandable way is to check the email and confirm its source before opening any kind of attachment.
·         Don’t connect unknown USB drives to your PC/ Laptop.
·         Keylogger malware can even infect your mobile operating system whether it is Android or iOS. To prevent getting infected from Keylogger malware on your mobile you must refrain from downloading applications from a 3rd party or unknown sources. You must use Google Play Store or Apple App Store for downloading and installing applications on your Android & iOS device respectively.
·         You must ensure that automatic updates for your PC are on so as to not miss any security update coming from the developer.


If your system is already infected by a Keylogger then scan your system with an updated antivirus. If that doesn’t help then you can open the task manager’s process section to see if any unknown process is running and end it. However, it is very difficult to detect and remove the Keylogger once infected since the malware is good in hiding itself in your system. Hence, the best way is to prevent your system from getting infected in the first place itself.  

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