Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How European Health Insurance Card Is So Important?

Stands for European Health Insurance Card, EHIC is a card given to any individual residing in a nation which as a member of the EEA countries and Switzerland to seek medical facilities in any of these countries at lower prices. This EHIC card is given to the people free of cost. This card covers two aspects of a human health; one is out-of-the blues illness or accident when on a vacation to any of the EEA nations; while, the other aspect is the pre-existing medical condition such as the kidney dialysis. The validity of the card depends on the issuing country. Therefore, EHIC card renewal has to be done every now and then.

Why EHIC card?
The primary objective of the EHIC card is to present people the luxury to get treatment in a foreign land itself, without the need to fly back home.  However, one crucial thing to note in here is, the EHIC card doesn’t cover those who have landed in the country to seek medical treatment, so, you can say this card is meant to benefit the tourists. The card covers a complete range of treatments, right from emergency care to dental care.
The origin of the EHIC card takes us to the year 2004, 1st June, when it was phased, then in the year 2006, it becomes the sole health entitlement document. This card is valid in EEA nations and all French overseas departments. However, this card is not applicable in a non EEA dependent nation like Jersey.
The requirement for EHIC card
Your country passport is not enough to avail the benefits of this scheme; you need to have a photo ID document since the EHIC card has no photograph. In case, you are covered by the healthcare program of the European Union, then you are not eligible to apply for the EHIC card.
Third party processors
The EHIC card is issued free of cost, but the procedure of obtaining it can be tiresome. Therefore, it is best to reach out to an agent in the exchange of nominal charges to apply and get an EHIC card. They will take care of anything to everything when submitting your EHIC card request. In addition, they are also responsible for the EHIC card renewal. However, it is important to find a reliable company, who offers such services. Don’t just hire anyone for this job, otherwise, you might end up wasting your time and the card is still not in your hands. Ask around your friends or relatives, those have the EHIC card for recommendations. Also, do part payments, one at the time of applying for the European Health Insurance Card, while the other is when you receive the card.
In the end, don’t think or rethink, get your EHIC card before you go out for a vacation in a member nation of the EEA countries. Or, if the EHIC validity is expired, get it renewed as soon as possible to avoid any sort of last minute hassle.

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