Thursday, May 24, 2018

STX films in the Hollywood and their shows

The United States is the largest distributor of films in the world. Thanks to Hollywood - the dream factory, the states produce the largest number of feature films, science and documentaries in the world. It is in the states that a film career can be made for Rocky, Terminator or the real Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, getting to the world's top filmmakers is very difficult. After all, you can try - there were Polish actors who tried to reach some peaks, high places on foreign stages, but the vast majority ended in fiasco. In states, fortunately, apart from Hollywood, there are still many film studios that deal with the production of various types of films, series and radio and television recordings.

The media in the states developed so quickly and dynamically mainly thanks to very good equipment and amazing special effects, which were created thanks to modern video-visual equipment.

Every film that was released in the states appeared on the international film arena and was often long awaited. Hollywood as the main producer of films had, of course, its share in the whole cinema, among others because it became the capital of this field of culture.

About STX films in the Hollywood

A STX film is basically set up by the Bob Simonds in Variety. All of its movies and show are liked by the audience.  Their films are source of complete entertainment

STX films signed a marketing and distribution agreement for three years with Europa Film Films USA of Luc Besson to launch its next list of films.

The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan; Secret in Their Eyes starring Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts; The child; and Free State of Jones stars Matthew Mcconaughey. STX films have announced The Happy time Murders Starring Melissa McCarthy. In 2017, STX films announced a partnership with the Uglydoll brand, a line of characters created by David Horvath. The movie UglyDolls will be produced by Robert Rodriguez, director of the Spy Kids movie franchise, and will feature Pitbull's voice. In 2018, Hasbro was named master licensee of toys for the franchise.

In 2014, the first project of the television division was the 13 episode series State of Affairs , starring Katherine Heigl. And Alfre Woodard, which was sold to NBC. In 2015, STXtelevision produced the NBC pilot Problem Child, based on the 1990 film of the same name. In April 2016, the Chinese variety show of STX television Number One Surprise premiered on Hunan TV and became the # 1 show in China with more than one billion total visits. In May 2017, STX television announced that it had acquired the first television project from Kevin Kwan, author of Crazy Rich Asians. In November 2017, STX television announced Valley of the Boom, a docudrama on the 1990 technology boom of show runner and director Matthew Carnahan and executive producer Arianna Huffington, which will air on NatGeo. Fox and STX television announced that they are developing an unscripted series based on STX films' Bad Moms.

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