Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What is Geofencing? How Geofencing can help your Business Grow

Geofencing, as it is clear from the name, means setting up virtual boundaries over a specific location on a digital map. As soon as a person enters or leaves the marked area an assigned set of actions is triggered. Geofencing is being bundled with popular parental control & spionage apps and can come extremely handy when you don’t want your kid to enter into a specific area which could be dangerous for him/her.

So, how can Geofencing help your business grow? Geofencing can be used for location-based marketing. Location-based marketing means delivering messages to people who are near your business providing them with discounts and real-time offers.

By finding your business in close proximity people tend to react immediately to the offers. Since Geofencing helps to target even small locations like a building or a nearby road; it has got huge ability to convert your advertisement into profitable trades.

 As an example, Geofencing is extremely beneficial for small business owners such as a garments retail shop. If you, being an owner of a garment shop, decide to build an application for your customers you can put up Geofencing in the application.

As and when your app user enters into the geofenced area he/she is immediately sent a message about new offers or discounts. Since they are in the area itself, it is highly likely that they will visit your store to check out the amazing new collection or discounts that you are offering.

What are the benefits that Geofencing provides to your business?
  • Target People Close By: With the help of Geofencing you are actually advertising to people who live very close to your business. This has got better prospects of increasing your existing patronage.
  • Provide offers at the correct time: Geofencing enables to send a message highlighting discounts, promotions, announcements, new services etc. immediately when the person enters into the geofenced area. Being closer to your business makes the probability of the person coming to check out your business higher than sending messages at random.
  • Hone your marketing campaigns: Since by Geofencing, you are actually targeting potential customers who live or are currently nearby to your business. This enables you to get a clear picture of the response, reaction and the impelling or potent abilities of your marketing strategies. Thus, you can easily optimize your marketing skills and techniques to reach out to the customers in a much better way.
  • Connect & Add Value: Geofencing helps you to connect with your customers and add value to the relationship that you share with them. The technique mustn’t be used to spam your customer’s inbox; instead, it must be used to provide your customers a better experience. Remember, a happy customer is the best business strategy of all.
Geofencing is extremely helpful to gather a good amount of data regarding the needs of the customers. Hence, it is a very effective way to establish a friendly communication with your potential or existing customers thereby providing your business with the much-needed boost in sales and profits.

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