Monday, May 14, 2018

What Is The Importance Of European Card Renewal

Substitute for the E111 since 1st January 2006, the European Health Insurance Card gives holders easy access to state-offered healthcare services in all countries within the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

EHIC card possessors are entitled to get free or discounted medical care in all participating countries. Issued cards are valid for a time span of five years. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure your E111 card renewal prior to travelling.

Why E111 Changed to EHIC?
Since 1st January 2006, the E111 has been slightly changed and is known as EHIC. The changes have successfully been made for ensuring that citizens travelling to the EEA countries get medicare is the same way as if they were the residential or permanent citizens living in those countries. It is therefore essential for travellers to the EEA countries with the EHIC to pay a small up-front fee in the form of a contribution to their healthcare.

By going for E111 card renewal, you now have the option of showing your EHIC in international countries and be charged very little for your co-payment. This would help you in saving good money that you can otherwise use for expenditures during your holiday.

What about the Validity of E111?
If you already possess an E111 card then it is important for you to know that with the changes coming in, your E111 is no longer valid and you will have to apply for an E111 card renewal. Going through the card renewal procedure will get you the all-inclusive EHIC card that you can use for getting medical treatment at reduced cost or completely free-of-cost in the EEA countries and in Switzerland.

With this card in possession, you have also got the option of spending your money on medical treatment abroad and getting the receipt for the same to get your money reimbursed by the NHS in the UK. Your EHIC will cover you for medical expenditures abroad just like your E111.

One thing that is important to note about E111 renewal is that you will be entitled to the renewal only if you are the citizen of the United Kingdom. The rules are completely based on the European law as it completely depends on the insurability of an individual rather than his or her nationality.

Due to the fact that the United Kingdom is governed by way of a residency-based healthcare procedure, your insurability remains completely dependent on residency rather than other factors like the contributions made to National Insurance.

In case you are a UK resident and you are not insured by any of the EEA countries then you have increased chances of being entitled to the E111 renewal provided you possess all evidence necessary for proving your citizenship.

Renewing the E111 card is very easy and simple. The only thing that you have to do is put in all relevant information like date of birth, name, address and EHIC pin number in your E111 renewal form and apply for the same online.

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