Friday, May 25, 2018

What makes Robert Simonds’ STX Entertainment a Great Venture?

All you need to succeed is a good idea. And if you are an acclaimed producer, and have a great team, there is nothing stopping you. In 2012, Bob Simonds started working on a trailblazing concept for cross-platform entertainment with Bill McGlashan from TPG Growth. The duo introduced STX Entertainment, a studio that aims to unlock the immense value of the direct connection stars have with their fans.

The idea is very simple – to cast big stars in medium budget movies which not only solidify the actors’ credentials, but also give them more space to showcase their talents. The studio, in turn, gets 10-12 big-star movies to land on the box office every year. More movies mean more ticket sales. According to an article on Robert Simonds in Variety, his plans for STX Entertainment include bringing together the cumulative profitability and exposure of the various platforms people use for entertainment on a regular basis.

Entertainment beyond the Box Office

Robert Simonds has an unparalleled success track in Hollywood. From Adam Sandler hits to global box office dominators like The Pink Panther, he knows how to fill the seats in the theatres. But with STX Entertainment, he is taking a bold step and venturing into other arenas, much of which still not explored by big shots in the film industry.

STXdigital, the digital division of the firm focuses on digital programming, partnerships and distribution activities. In 2016, the division acquired Surreal, the leader in VR content, and renamed it STXsurreal. This venture achieved ground breaking success by producing and distributing high quality and immersive VR content with stars like Snoop Dogg, Gordon Ramsay, Jimmy Kimmel, Wiz Khalifa and many others.

Successful 4 Years

Since its launch in 2014, STX Entertainment has stayed true to its objective of expanding the value of the direct connection between stars and their fans. Remember The Gift starring Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall? Or Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate’s Bad Moms? STXfilms has been delivering smashing hits in every genre, and the audience loves these movies.

From R rated comedy to psychological horror and sci-fi, all of the titles produced by the studio have done phenomenal on the box office and have bagged many awards & accolades.

Not just movies, the company is taking on other platforms of entertainment as well. STXtelevision developed Number One Surprise, a TV series created specifically for broadcast in China. It premiered on Hunan TV and digital platforms Mango TV and PPTV in November 2016, and was viewed nearly 300 million times.

In just 2 months, it was China’s #1 TV show having over 1 billion views in total. Recently, the studio announced that they will be launching an unscripted TV series based on its hit movie Bad Moms.

Considering the immersive content delivered by Robert Simonds and his team so far, it is interesting to see what they serve to the audience in the coming years.

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