Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A tryst with Jumpsuits!

Ever felt like you wanted to get out of the bed and step out of the house in your most comfortable clothes and attire without putting a lot of effort into dressing up and yet end up looking the casual chic person you’ve always been… Well, while in reality this dreamy situation is far from likely to happen, we have something for you that you’ll love wearing any given point of the day. Jumpsuits are undeniably the most comfortable pair of outfit that one can don on any given day. From parties to Sunday morning brunch to shopping days to just a laid-back evening with friends. A jumpsuit can be your best-friend and we’ll tell you how you can pick the right one!

Silhouette- jumpsuits come in a varying shapes and sizes. From rompers to full length, to pick the right jumpsuits online becomes a task. Flared jumpsuit are the trend these days and are the best option to pick on any given day. They are body-friendly, cinches at the waist in the most subtle way. Flared jumpsuits compliment with everybody type and are perfect to wear during summers. They let your body breathe and at the same time look chic for every occasion.

Colours & prints- summers are the time to wear bright colours and also experiment with hues you have never worn before. Pastels are something that never go out of trend, but you can also pick colours that you love the most. Jumpsuits with prints like florals work best for any occasion. Avoid picking too many prints together, however you can balance out your look by going for a jumpsuit that is half printed and half solid. This way you can have the best of both!

Accessories- accessories make any outfit look much better. And a jumpsuit should always be styled with minimal accessories to skip being OTT. Go for a chunky necklace with cute pair of earrings to complete your look along with a statement bag to keep your look simple yet elegant. You can also pair your jumpsuit with a nice hat and sunnies during summers to keep the look effortless and fresh!

Layering- redefine your casual summer jumpsuit by layering it. Layering it with a blazer can immediately transform your day time casual look to a more professional night look. A belt can also give you a cinched look by wearing it around the waist over a loose flared jumpsuit. You can also go for a nice bright complementing floral or abstract printed scarf that can be tied around the neck in fancier ways and can also be used to cover your head

Footwear- footwear has the ability to make or break your outfit. A brilliant outfit with a boring pair of footwear can just pull down your look. So make sure you try on at least 2-3 pairs before deciding on a final pair. Be it sneakers, wedges, heels, or sandals, a good pair of footwear, can make you the center of attraction at any event or occasion…

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