Saturday, June 2, 2018

All you need to know about Medical Tourism

What is medical tourism?

Medicine is an ever growing field which constantly adapts to changing lifestyles, technology and growth, all around the world. The rising demand for good facilities in terms of doctors, surgeries and after care has made hospitals in many countries to adapt and occupy the best of apparatus and ensure that they are hiring the best team of health care professionals.

But not all countries have access to resources in comparison to the developed countries. Even though they try their best, they will have limited access to facilities due to lack of development. So then, what happens to those who require medical attention from these countries? This is how medical tourism gave rise where initially people from the developing or underdeveloped nations would travel to other countries which were developed to receive treatment for various medical reasons including surgeries, dental, and fertility treatments. 

The travelling actually dates back to thousands of years ago, when the pilgrims from Greek would travel to other cities in search of a healing god. Spa towns were also one of the early forms of medical tourism which the European travellers indulged in.

Current scenario:

Although medical tourism initially began due to limited resources, times have changed. Today, many people from developed countries travel to developing countries in order to cut costs on their treatment and services. This kind of tourism also helps people receive treatments that may be banned in their own country or which may be illegal.

Medical tourism includes all kind of treatment ranging from health car, psychology, psychiatry, burial services and even alterative medicines. Domestic medical care is a practise of people travelling within their country, from one city to another to receive better care from bigger and well established health care departments. There are medical tourism facilitators who help coordinate the trip of the patient, especially to another country.

Health and wellness tourism:

A broader term is health tourism which focuses on not just medical treatments, but on the holistic health of the individual which ranges from preventive measures, rehabilitation after surgeries, and other curative forms of travelling. Another related field to Medical tourism would be Wellness tourism in which people travel from one country to another in order to promote services and facilities in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. You would often notice this in under developed countries where campaign, free services and other activities are conducted by various organisations for the same purpose of creating awareness.

Medical tourism in India:

Medical tourism in India is also a growing sector and it attracts many people from abroad due to cost effective services and affordable treatments. There are many medical tourism websites that you can look up. is one such website that allows you to compare, analyse and do a thorough research based on your needs and availabilities. India is one of the top countries for Russians who are seeking medical services from cities such as Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. Chennai has come to be called “India’s health capital” and is offering excellent treatment at very reasonable prices.

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