Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How EHIC Card Is Beneficial For Temporary Stays In Europe?

The European Health Insurance Card, commonly pronounced as EHIC is presented to the citizens of 28 nations of Europe to receive medical care sponsored by the state in any member country. To understand from a layman’s term, if you or someone in your family fell ill when on a vacation to any of these nations, with this health care you will get medical care, either with no cost or minimal bills. There are several nations included under this scheme, these are: Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, people are treated the same way.

To be eligible for the E111 health card, you are required to be health covered by any state-sponsored medical care scheme in any member nations of the European Union and two or three countries other than them. One thing to note in here is that, each member of the family should have a separate card. So, before you pack your bags, you have to apply for this health card well in advance. The procedure to submit your form for EHIC is quite simple; this will take five to ten minutes. You just have to provide all the necessary stuff, this includes your personal and contact details. In the United Kingdom, this health care card is issued by NHS. The term of the card depends upon the country issuing it. So, you can either speak to an official or representative for any sort of advice. Or if you still doubtful about it, you can look for an agent, who has filed for the European health card on your behalf.
The EHIC card has never been an alternative to the travel cover card, it won’t include private health care or other stuff such as the return flight or stolen or misplaced property. However, this card doesn’t cover for your costs, if you are travelling to any of the EU countries for the purpose of the medical care. Moreover, this won’t guarantee free of cost treatment, this depends upon the country issuing the E111 health card.
If you don’t have the European healthcare card, if you fell ill or get injured, you have to fly back to your home immediately. This may prove to be a big hassle, if the health problem is serious and require emergency care. So, it is brainier to get this card well in advance before you book your flight ticket. When applying for it, make sure you thoroughly read the form you are submitting. Or any information, you can look for a third-party agent to take your job for getting this card. But, don’t fall into the trap of the scam companies, those charge big fees.
At the end of it all, from the above, you probably come to know what the European healthcare is all about, right from its basic meaning, the procedure of filling the form, term of this card and hiring a third-party agent. The process for the renewal of the European card is quite simplified, just like filling a new application.

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