Friday, June 22, 2018

Things to remember when applying makeup

When one is going out they need to wear a bit of makeup. But it varies depending on which place you are going and when you are going there. Morning makeup is different from evening ones and so office makeup differs from party ones.

To get makeup tips in Hindi, one can follow easy makeup videos online. But the first thing that one should remember is, no matter what season it is, you have to stay hydrated always. Drink at lead 8 glasses of water every day because throughout the year, the weather is humid. Humidity means one will sweat a lot and they will become dehydrated. So, to prevent that, drinking sufficient water is very important. Eat healthy to keep your skin healthy. This is the main thing that one has to keep in mind. Diet always shows in the skin. Have fresh and seasonal fruits everyday and try to eat a lot of fresh vegetables. Avoid oily and road side food the most as they are not good for your stomach. If you do not have a clear digestion process, it will show on your skin.

Wash your face properly before you start applying makeup. Never apply makeup on a dirty face as it will not look nice. You can also exfoliate your skin by scrubbing before applying makeup. Once the cleaning is done, use a water based moisturiser on your face and neck and they start your makeup.

Apply foundation which matches your skin tone. Go for a tinted BB cream if you do not have a liquid foundation. Use a compact powder if you have oily skin and dab it more on your jaw bone. Blend the foundation well, when you are applying it at the edge if your face.

If you have dark circles, then you should hide them because; if you’re dark circles show post makeup, then it will not look good. You need to apply a moisturiser with SPF on that area and then apply concealer on the under eye circles or on the blemishes. Always take a concealer which has a cream base and it has to match with your skin tone. Take a concealer brush and mix it evenly on your skin. You can also use your finger to blend it properly.

Wondering what colour of lipstick you should wear which will match your skin tone. Well, if you have a problem in picking up a particular one, straight go for a wine coloured one. Use an eye shadow brush to get a very soft and diffused look. You can always buff up your lipstick colour with this diffused look. For morning makeup looks always go for nude and peach shades as they do not shine. Go for glossy ones and rich coloured ones for your evening looks.

Always remember to remove your makeup properly when you come back home. Do not leave them on your face. Clean them and then go to bed.

To get makeup tips in Hindi one can also consult beauty magazines.

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