Monday, June 18, 2018

Want to Attract Media Attention? Define the Why

Being an online business, it is important for you to grab the attention of the media so that you can let more and more people know about your products and services. Grabbing the attention of the media seems to be a difficult task but there are number of ways in which the businesses can grab the attention of the media. Some of the ways to do so are good, some are bad while some are very bad. However, those who are looking to get the media help for their launch, should know that it is all about the story.

This story thing can be explained with an example of a workshop who used to provide Auto tray services. The idea was simple in which you can use the non slip tray in the care for those on the road quick meals. The owner of the workshop sends the press releases to the media for the review and unfortunately the owner included the details of the product in the press releases. The press releases had all the information but they were boring and dry and that is why they ended up in the bin. The need of the hour is to come up with a story. Why you have made this product, how manages to develop it and how it will affect the people’s lives.

The same workshop owner does the research and managed to come up with a story. The owner finds out that 85 percent of the road accidents are caused by drivers eating or drinking in the car. She used this information for her product and craft a story for the media and all of the sudden the story got legs.

According to NewswireNEXT ( Media loves the story, numbers and facts and that is why it advised to use these factors to good effect. Number and facts are compelling and numbers tells a story on their own. We believe that every business could easily found a story for their products and services but if they are really struggling to do so, then they can take help of the numbers. Although it is important to keep in mind that once you get a story for your business you have to start looking it with a broader perspective. The story will decide the future of your business and it can also be the national trend if followed properly. From your business perspective, it is important to know WHY the media will find your story interesting? Why your story is different then the others? Why it is required to change the lives of the people? Why people should consider your product and buy it?

Hence it is important to keep 5 Ws and one H in mind. Where you should focus while creating a story. You can always start from your hometown media and can then spread thoroughly. Who should be told the story so that it can help you to develop your product or idea. What you should describe in your story in order to make it big and important. Why it has to be your product only that will help people in changing their lives and How does it will make the difference in changing the world. Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

These are some of the question that you can ask yourself before creating a story for your business and writing a press release. This will definitely help you to come up with an effective story that media will be happy to release and your business will eventually enjoy the benefit of it.

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