Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How to diagnose and treat cancer

You need to be aware of the fact that the early cancer is detected the better chances of curing it. There are some symptoms of cancer that you can detect with routine examinations. In case of the others you may need screening tests as well. In most cases you tend to detect the cancer when the symptoms grow and develop. Sometimes you can detect the cancer when you are ovulating or you are suffering from any other type of medical conditions.

You can say that the process of diagnosis does take off with a routine physical examination. This is to be followed by blood or urine tests. Any form of abnormalities can be found which go on to detect cancer. The moment you find a tumour, a series of medical steps like X ray or MRI scans can be done. All of them go on to detect the size along with the location of the tumour. To arrive at the correct protocol a biopsy is being performed. Here a sample of the tissue is being removed and then it is send over to the lab. Under a microscope you do check out for the presence of cancer cells.

Say if the diagnosis is positive, then a series of other tests are being performed to understand more about the cancer. The follow up phase process works out to be important that goes by the name of staging. As a doctor the most important point of consideration is to find out whether cancer has spread from one part of the body to another. If you find that the initial diagnosis works out to be negative, and still the symptoms go on to persist, then you may need another round of testing. On the other hand if the biopsy has turned out to be positive, do check with a qualified doctor before you go on to start the process of treatment. Most of the best hospital in India has the top notch doctors as part of their set up as well. The doctor whom you go on to choose needs to be specialized in the domain of cancer treatment.

When you look at the treatment options it depends upon the stage along with the extend of the cancer you do find yourself at. It would always be better if you opt for a combination of treatment measures at this point of time as well.

When a treatment of cancer evolves it is more about the mental side of things. Emotional support is the key and you need someone to accompany you at this point of time. This could be in the form of your own relatives or the nurses. Not only the pain will be removed, but the wellbeing of your health will be taken care of as well. If a patient is towards the end of their life, they can expect supportive treatment which can be provided to them at the same time. It does go a long way to recover.

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