Friday, August 31, 2018

Differences Between Shopping At A Mall And Online Shopping

 According to a recent BigCommerce study, 96% of people shop online. There are many varied and vastly different reasons why some people prefer online shopping rather than shopping at a mall, and there are many differences between the two.

When you shop online you have a much wider choice of stores. It takes very little effort to go from one ecommerce site to another, but when you shop at a mall, you are limited to only the stores in the mall.

Online retailers tend to have a much wider range of products. Ecommerce stores aren’t limited by physical floor space, which means that they usually have more products on offer. It also means that they tend to have more stock of a particular product, so online shoppers can almost always find what they’re looking for. If the product is out of stock, many ecommerce stores will notify the customer when it has come back in stock.

People who shop online cite easy price comparison as one of the reasons why they choose online stores over physical ones. Online shoppers can check the price of the item they want to purchase across a range of sites in a matter of minutes. Offline shoppers can’t do this as easily.

Also, online storefronts usually offer better deals and prices. Online stores don’t have the same overheads as physical stores, which means that they can offer products at a much lower price point. Many consumers also find that online stores offer better deals and sales than physical stores.

Many people find online shopping much more convenient. Malls have defined closing hours so shoppers are limited by those hours. Online shopping is available all the time, which makes it much more convenient. You can literally be anywhere while you shop. In fact, 43% of online shoppers shop while they’re in bed.

Offline retailers promote that they are able to offer a much more personal customer service experience. Offline customer service is usually face to face. Although, according to Heather Smith, Online shopper behavior analyst for Fragrance 365, the Canadian online fragrance store, this does not have as much influence on shoppers as it once did. She says that as online communication efforts are improving, with online chat, email and even video calls becoming common methods of customer service, most shoppers feel that they are still getting a personal experience.

There is one reason why some shoppers prefer offline shopping. You can try the item on before you buy it. However, with returns and exchanges for online shopping becoming even easier, many people say that this no longer influences their shopping decisions. Online stores use photographs, videos and the product descriptions so shoppers can get an idea about the fit of the product. Also, many online stores allow comments and reviews on their products, which can help consumers make up their minds about purchases.

Online shopping is definitely growing more and more popular, because of the differences that it offers over offline shopping. Convenience, lower prices, and a wider selection of products are highly appealing for consumers, and many people now prefer to shop online.

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