Thursday, August 16, 2018

How to keep dandruff away

Dandruff is a very common factor these days and most people suffer from it especially in seasons like monsoon and winter.

One can go for effective anti dandruff shampoos so that they can remove those unwanted dandruff flakes. But shampoos may not always work effectively. One can also depend on some good home remedies to fight back.

Cedar wood oil

This is an effective essential oil with anti seborrhoea properties and so it is very good for itchy scalp and dandruff removal. One has to take a cup full of cedar wood oil and then pour a few drops of lemon to mix it well. Then they need to apply it well on the scalp and hair. Keep it there for at least 40 minutes to let the oil settle well on the scalp and then rinse the hair well with a mild shampoo. One can repeat this at least twice a week to get better results.


This has a lot of anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and it is amazing as a dandruff remedy. One can slice the garlic into finely chopped pieces and then grind them or blend them to a fine paste. Apply the paste on the scalp and roots of the hair to deal with the itchy scalp. Keep it for 15 minutes and then shampoo it well to get a clean hair.

Egg oil

This is an exotic oil which can be used as a home remedy for dandruff treatment. One can buy them from local super market. Take a few drops of egg oil and mix it well with olive oil. Then apply it thoroughly on the hair. Keep it for an hour and then rinse it well with a mild shampoo. Egg oil has some polyunsaturated fats and omega 3 which nourishes the hair very well and makes the hair follicles strong from within. Also the cholesterol present in it is good for the dandruff in the hair as it effectively wipes away the white flakes.

Fuller’s earth

This is also known as ‘multani mitti’ commonly. It has a lot of anti bacterial and anti fungal ingredients which results to removal of unwanted dandruff formation on the hair and scalp. One needs to soak some fuller’s earth in a cup of water and then soften it. Apply it on the hair and scalp and later rinse it well with a natural shampoo. It will also bring back the shine in your hair.

There are most effective anti dandruff shampoos that can come to rescue. But one also keep a few things in mind which are the major causes of dandruff formation. Remember, If one does not wash their hair daily then the oil secretion and skin cells can build up on the scalp skin which leads to dandruff formation. There are some male hormones like androgens which can cause oily and greasy skins and that can lead to dandruffs. Shampooing at least thrice a week is okay. Also one needs to have a healthy diet.

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