Thursday, August 9, 2018

The pros and cons of spine surgery?

The moment you are thinking of a back surgery, till that point of time the doctor would have tried a lot of conventional forms of treatment. This would be to ease down the pain of your back. There are a lot of treatment options available but no guarantee that it will reduce the back pain. It is better that you do learn about the surgery well before you opt for it. This would enable to combat the surgery in a better way. It has been found out that not only there is a drop in pain as there are a host of other factors which you need to be aware as well.
  • You are going to find it quiet easy to move
  • The overall levels of mood improves
  • The productive aspect of your work improves
  • Gone are the days where you needed to have pain medicines.
  • You find yourself in a position where you are more physically fit

Most individuals who have gone on to have this surgery do not face any major risks. But when it is the case of a surgery there is bound to carry some level of risk. The list may include there could be some form of infection, blood clots or for the matter heart attack. But you need to take note of the fact that the odds of things going wrong are if you already have some of existing health condition. This would depend on the type of surgery you have opted for and the role of the surgeon would be to find out the complications at this point of time. Before you are heading to the OR discuss with your surgeon on what to expect.

The best hospitals for spine surgery in India have gone on to incorporate all the surgical procedures. A glance at the major ones is as follows.
  • Spinal fusion- of all the surgeries of the back this does appear to be the most common one. The doctor goes on to join the vertebrae together. This would go a long way to limit on how far you can go on to stretch the nerves. Your activity levels are not going to be affected as the bone will not be in a position to fuse completely. With smoking it does appear it may happen. At this point of time you may need another surgery to fix the problem
  • Laminectomy- Here the surgeon goes on to remove ligaments or bone spurs in your back. On the spinal nerves the pressure that is created it would be relieved to a considerable extent. On the other hand it does make the spine less stable. If such a situation occurs you may need to resort to spinal fusion. Most times than not the doctors go on to perform a combination of both procedures together.

These are the common risks that you can associate with back surgery. But one of the biggest risks with back surgery is that you are not aware whether it will reduce your pain or not.


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