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Tips to ameliorate the Answering Service

Business owners spend most of their time on managing their core tasks which means they don’t have much time handling calls and the customers. Obviously, they will want their employees or somebody else to answer those calls. Whether or not they want their employees to answer calls or hire somebody else for the same, everybody needs to follow a specific strategy so that the outcome of the call result is 100 percent efficient.

All the agents at the call centre must be trained on the basic rules that each one has to follow so that they can generate good leads. The prime objective of each call centre should be to communicate effectively with a customer/prospect. However, it’s not necessary that every caller is interested in making the purchase but agents should pick and response to each call with full efficiency.
In this piece of content, we are going to discuss tips on what practices should staff follow to improve the answering service of a business.

Tips to make your answering service better

Here we have brought six tips to help you improve your answering services and avail benefits from the same. Let’s get started-

Try to answer the phone promptly

How do you feel when you call for some support but your call isn’t answered or if answered, it was when you were about to cut? Of course, you will be irritated and will implant a bad image of that brand. The same way your customers feel when their call isn’t answered or answered late. Hence, it’s important to ask all the staffs to answer within three rings of the incoming call. If your staff is already moving with same strategy, you are doing a good business and is on the path to success but if things are completely reversed then be ready to handle the loss. To avoid any such situation, you must strictly ask all of your agents to answer every call in a prompt manner.

Give a warm welcome to the customer with a custom greeting

Few companies have names that are difficult to pronounce and because of the same, some reps even stammer taking the name while opening the call. Therefore, a better idea to avoid such kind of problem would be to create a custom greeting for customers who is on the call so that they can immediately realize that they have reach the right place. A warm welcome is always appreciated because it cheers the customers.

Try to respond to voicemails as soon as possible

Mostly during lunch or snacks time, only a few staffs are present to answer the call. So when a customer makes calls at such time and doesn’t get any response a voicemail is left. When reps come back they must ensure that the voicemails are answered as soon as possible because customers like to prefer companies who contact them quickly. So you must ensure that your team is aware of this aspect. The agents must be made understand how and when customers are meant to be contacted and proper follow-up should be sent.

Ask for their contact info

When the customers call you to enquire, it won’t be incorrect to say that they are seriously interested in doing business with you. A truly qualified prospect is the one who has already checked about your business online, went through reviews and found it worth contacting you. These kinds of prospects are one worth contacting. Ignoring such customers won’t be good for business. Therefore, you need to train your agents on the same and provide them with a system on which they can easily jot down the contact info of such prospects.

·       Avoid putting callers on hold for a long time

It is often iritating as well as monotonous when somebody puts us on hold for a long time. 30 seconds to 1 minute is enough time to be put on hold. Similarly, when a customer calls you and you want to put them on hold first ask them for the same and inform them about the time you would require to fetch the information they want. If they agree, you can proceed with the same and if not, you can ask them if they are fine with getting a call back in some time.

·       Be polite and courteous

When you’re into such a profession where you have to constantly deal with a number of clients every day, you definitely need to prepare yourself and your staff for being polite and courteous in every situation. If you are attending a hundred calls throughout a day, there are chances that at least 10-12 calls that you will attend will be of either irate customers or someone who sounds like a geek. Maybe sometime you would be supposed to face such customers who will show you their worst part. They may abuse you or would speak a lot of inappropriate words but you need to handle all of them politely and intelligently.


It is said that to understand the whole syllabus, you first need to understand the basics. I have just done that. I have listed few basic tips that will surely help business owners in making their answering service in Australia better and effective.

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